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Is my drawing a good likeness?

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    Hi all,

    I've done this drawing of D'Angelo but I've always had trouble getting the likeness of the person right. I've attached the picture I drew from.

    What do you think? Any improvements I can make? Thanks
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    it is very skilfully done. The only thing which you might want to change is the shading on his upper back... it looks like hair at the moment
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    Oh dear! Thanks, I'll get working on it
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    I'd say the only thing I think that needs revising would be his left ear.

    The shape looks different and the shading doesn't look as well done as the shading you did on his face and accentuating his cheekbones. The light hits the upper bridge of the ear producing a fine line but yours is flatter and less striking.

    I am not the best drawer so feel like a dick saying this but your pic is fab and only needs minor adjustments to be considered pretty perfect imho!

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    Haha don't worry about it, thanks for the compliment!

    Yeah I hated doing his ear, I see what you mean.
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    First of all thanks for posting your artwork for us to enjoy. This is definitely a great piece of artwork and it's quite a nice technique that you've used here to create a rather skillful piece of work. With regards to improving this, you should look to rework the left ear as someone has said above, but I also feel that you should perhaps look at the eyes again. There is an emotion there which I don't feel that you've quite captured from the photograph. You've got an emotion, but it's more sadness, than what is in the photo. I'd also advise you to consider how you might now use this piece of work. Could you use it as a study for a much larger piece of work.

    An excellent drawing, with just a few tweaks needed.

    I look forward to seeing your future artwork,

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    na its ****
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    That is a beautiful copy that you have drawn (:
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    Run out of rep, but :yy:
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    Thanks everyone. Toronto353 that's some excellent advice. Now I look at it, he does look a bit sad and I definitely am going to do the ear again!
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    (Original post by RowingGoose)
    Thanks everyone. Toronto353 that's some excellent advice. Now I look at it, he does look a bit sad and I definitely am going to do the ear again!
    You're welcome. I look forward to seeing your revised copy of your artwork.


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