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Primark Jewellery: good or tacky?

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    For the price the jewellery is quite good.
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    The thing is about primark is that it has some good stuff and bad stuff its not all cheap and tacky.

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    Considering I have never managed to keep a pair of earrings together- always losing one or both- they're really good for buying jewellery that looks nice but doesn't matter if it goes missing.
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    It's not tacky.

    It's revolting.
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    Opinions may vary.
    Personally, I don't like it because a lot of it is too chunky for me. I'm not a fan of chunky jewellery. The only jewellery I've ever bought from Primark was a couple pairs of star earrings which I painted over using black and navy nail polish because they looked a little cheap and plastic
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    Primark jewellery is good, If you lost some jewellery than you have to also purchase some new jewellery and you also have to manage your best jewellery. I think its very good for making some good jewellery.
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    IMO, tacky.

    (Original post by patricronald)
    Primark jewellery is good, If you lost some jewellery than you have to also purchase some new jewellery and you also have to manage your best jewellery. I think its very good for making some good jewellery.
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    It is worth the money.

    That is all.
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    I've got some really cute necklaces and rings from there, and they do some really cute big multi packs of stud earrings you can get for like £2. Some of the stuff is freakin' awful, but you can find the odd nice thing and for the price too you can't really complain!
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    Pay £2 for some jewellery, it is going to look like some £2 jewellery..

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    It's tacky, sorry.
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    Some of it is nice and some of it is not nice.

    Same with any shop and it'll depend on your taste etc.

    I tend to steer clear of their earrings though, simply because with piercing jewellery I feel safer spending a little bit more and not worrying about getting an allergic reaction or infected. Maybe I'm being paranoid but better safe than sorry.

    I've found some really nice necklaces from them though, some good chunky statement ones which are the kind I like.
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    why do you rely on other peoples opinions? If you like it, then buy it regardless of where it's from
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    If you can handle it being made by underpaid children in developing nations. Can you? CAN YOU?! (I'm done now.)
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    Some of it's okay and some is hideous. Last time I was in there, there was a short, gold necklace that said "Swagger". Euuuuuugh

    Edit: "gold"
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    It's good.. I like the necklaces..

    Just check to see if there are scratches or broken items before buying. I think it's the best place to buy jewellery as its so cheap!!
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    I buy the jewellery to add to my existing collection (I have more jewellery then every other clothing/accessory).

    I wouldn't wear primark jewellery on a day to day basis because they don't last long, mix in the days you wear it with days wearing better quality jewellery and its less noticeable when the primark jewellery does break etc. plus you still have a back up of jewellery that's less likely to do it
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    it's good, I love ther charm bracelets!
    Some things tarnish or break, though.
    good luck shopping!


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