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Do you expect to earn more than your parents?

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  • View Poll Results: Do you think you will earn more than your parents?

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    I live with my mother is a housewife and my dad is on around 26k a year so I might I dunno.
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    Are people really this shallow? o.O
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    (Original post by Frodo Baggins)
    My dad earns about 70K and my mum is a housewife. My mum was one of the senior managers at MARS (chocolate etc) and could have earned so much. I hope to be an investment banker and so i should earn more.
    My Dad is a senior manager at MARS High-five.
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    I was earning more than my mum by the time I was 19.

    As other people have mentioned though - this doesn't necessarily mean much since she was able to get a mortgage for £50,000 and buy a house in the late nineties which in the last ten years probably tripled in value.
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    My dad's ridiculously clever (top first at Cambridge -.-) and although he never chased money and stayed in academia. His dabbling in companies as a consultant puts me way off him tbh. So no I don't expect to, even if I actively chase it I would be fortunate to even reach his level.
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    (Original post by Sophie1805)
    My Dad is a senior manager at MARS High-five.
    No way!?! That's so cool! What are the chances!
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    Yes, I will. Both my parents are working class, my mother has never been trained or qualified in any profession. No one in my family has gone to university like I will be doing. I see my working class background as a constant reminder that if I want my life to be better, and possibly the life of any children I have to be better, then I have to work hard at what I decide to do and become successful. Success does not imply that I just want to accumulate wealth, because I don't. As another posted said, I would accept a lesser paid job doing something that I enjoyed rather than earn more for a job that I hated or found unbearably stressful and destroyed my personal life.
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    veering off a tangent, it drives me insane that people in my college think when they finish uni they will immediately land 40k/50k jobs , I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does, probably because they scoff at the salary prospects of my desired job.

    Back to the point, I was practically raised my brother, so I'm going to refer to his salary, he just graduated from med school last year, so right now he's on 25k to 30k (ish), I feel like I can hit that salary one day (fingers crossed), but whereas he can expect his salary to exponentially increase, I don't think the salary of a researcher can get too much higher than that, but I don't know.
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    My career goal at the minute is to earn more than my mother. Hopefully this shouldn't be too hard because she's a nurse...
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    My parents are quite well off, so in reality I probably won't earn more until I'm old
    But yeah, I want to earn wayyyyyy more. Bring in the money ££££££££
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    If I do, I will bloody do all I can to help support them! I know that they would do the same for me.

    In short, probably yes but I don't think the question is the right one to ask?
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    If I don't I'd be very concerned - we've been living on benefits for as long as I can remember and I'm determined that, unless we have the same circumstances as my parents, I'll never have to live like that.
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    No for a number of reasons: 1. I don't have the same level of ambition, 2. My career aims aren't as financially based, 3. The economy being what it is I think salaries are a lot more conservative now (companies playing it safe with hiring)
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    Yes, definitely because sadly income wise they're not a very hard act to follow...
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    My Mum earns about £15,000, maybe less. So yes, I except to earn more than my Mum.
    My Dad earns around £30,000. I know I won't earn more than him straight away after uni, but some day I hope to.
    I love how I now know how much my parents earn after years of filling out these long student loan forms.
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    My parents earn a total of £16000 combined, now you give me the answer to the question!
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    I don't expect to. They once had enough money to go mincing round the globe as they pleased with s****y architect friends, which slowly dwindled as my brother and I came into the equation.
    I don't have any set career path or plans so who knows. Generally speaking what I would like to be vaguely involved in career-wise isn't notorious for being able to get a well paying job. But I'd rather get by with a job I love than be rich with a job I don't.

    What! It bleeped out 'sw.anky' That's one of my favourite adjectives.
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    The education system failed my mum, she has one 'O-level' in needle-work...
    She's now a full-time carer for my disabled father.

    So yes, after hopefully completing a University education, I will earn more than my parents. But this is because I have had the opportunities that they did not.
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    My dad left school at 15 or 16 and has done various jobs including postman,carpet fitter,driving instructor and plasterer. He is now a warehouse operator (drives forklift trucks at a place that distributes books). Not sure of his exact salary,but I know it's not much at all. The thing that keeps him going is the fact that his Royal Mail pension is pretty good

    My mum has decent qualifications (O-Levels and got some other various qualifications via Open University) and is now a Nurse. Again, I don't know her exact salary. However looking at the NHS website and guessing which band she falls into, I'd say it's about £30,000.

    However I'm going to be ambitious and say I want to earn more than this..not sure what the reality will be though
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    My mom is on around £40k and my dad and step-dad are on about the same. I'd like to earn more but I don't think I will. We're pretty comfortable anyway so I'd be happy if I got something like that eventually


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