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Is this perfection?

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    No ifs or buts about it Kim Kardashian is absolutely stunning. However she is far too narcistic and egotistical for her own good. Perfection surely takes into account personality as well so I disagree with the statement!
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    Depends on what you think perfection is- I think the media has made us think that this is the ideal figure a woman should be.
    Personally, I don't believe in perfection, because even Kim Kardashian admits to flaws. The only place where perfection exists is in PC's, because they've been designed to work efficiently.
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    (Original post by -Someone-Like-You-)
    Who goes swimming with full make-up on? :lolwut:
    Someone who is knowingly posing for an army of paparazzi.
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    Daaaaamn. Those are baby birthing hips.
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    her face looks like its just come fresh out of a mould.
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    I think the picture of Halle Berry further down the page is so much nicer! I'd rather have her body anyday.
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    I'm not really interested in whether someone is attractive if I know I couldn't stand actually being near them. Who wears all that make-up to go for a swim with her family? Honestly.

    (Original post by .Heather.)
    I think the picture of Halle Berry further down the page is so much nicer! I'd rather have her body anyday.
    I have to agree with this. Except as a man it's more that I'd rather have her body, and not that I'd rather have her body, if you catch my drift.
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    Why is there a need to constantly wear so much make up? o.O
    Especially if you're going in a swimming pool!
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    She is hot!! A total arrogant b**ch, but she is definitely as near to perfect as they get.

    Not sure who said 'too curvy'... Pleeease, she is in no way too curvy! It's no wonder people have such terrible problems with self-perception (body) and trying to conform to society. I think she is a great (physical) role model for people; providing she is only ever shown in pictures of course

    I, on the other hand, am too curvy :lol: :lol: I would also like to state that I am in no way defensive, I genuinely think beauty has depreciated as time has gone on; simply due to these slimmer girls. Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman all those years ago & I think it's a push to find anyone more beautiful than her even today (she was a size 14-16).

    I agree with TB.93 above; beauty is reflected in personality, this can change the whole way a woman looks.

    Above all though, it's true when they say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', perfection to one person is always different to the next x
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    She has a fantastic figure. Although she is horrible and her sex tape is disappointing... Apparently.
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    (Original post by Can't Touch This.)

    First couple pictures.
    In my opinion, yes (although she has had quite a bit of work done).
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    not my thing really. She looks like a drawing. Like the completely ideal figure, so much so actually, that it doesn't seem natural. Like something a bishojo manga artist has put together.

    It's almost unnerving... does anybody else think this way or is that just me?
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    In my opinion, there will never be someone who is 100% perfect in every way, though she does have a gorgeous body. Then again I would be far more in awe if she looked like that without having had work done and wearing lots of makeup etc...

    Nevertheless I totally would
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    (Original post by Laura1234567890)
    her sister kendall has a nicer body in my opinion
    Attachment 140949
    I love Kim's body (and the face is perfection) but I wouldn't want it myself if that makes sense. Like if I had hips that huge, I'd just feel insecure and I don't think it's a body that looks great in all types of clothing. I know Kim has a more enviable and more attractive (to men) body but for my own confidence, I think I'd be happier with Kendalls.
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    (Original post by Can't Touch This.)

    First couple pictures.
    No because she hasn't got a very attractive face and she's an annoying talentless cow.
  16. Offline

    as much as i dislike this woman i must say, not to shabby.
  17. Offline

    (Original post by Laura1234567890)
    her sister kendall has a nicer body in my opinion
    Attachment 140949
    Oh wow, she's need a 4500kcal-a-day, diet.
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  19. Offline

    Far from perfection but yea she's hot stuff. Omg I want her hair so bad :ahee:
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    Too much make-up, freakishly massive ass, looks over 40, obviously fake and, worse, famous.

    Also why are her holiday snaps in the Daily Mail?


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Updated: April 13, 2012
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