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So ... how ARE your concentration levels this half term?!

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    I'm doing humanities a levels . I planned to study hard during the half term .... first week I did none because I didn't have the motivation :mad: but suddenly it just came from no where and now I've studied for the last 2 days, but after half an hour I feel tired so I take a break. Then I come back to it after about 5-10 mins and still feel tired and just have zero concentration. arrrghh! It doesn't matter how many energy drinks I've had! Ahh well, I'll try again tomorrow. Back to bed for me I guess ....
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    Terrible here too

    My original plan was to cover all content over Easter so anything extra was a bonus, but I haven't done enough because I'm not feeling enough pressure - exams still feel so far away.
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    Energy drinks probably arent the best idea You might end up getting the whole "crash and burn" effect.

    Try switching it up a bit more - don't do the same subject for hours on end. Do 1 subject for an hour, then a different one.
    I find that keeps my concentration levels higher.
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    I started today and practically spent the whole day making only three pages of notes..

    Progress is very slow.
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    I haven't done much...actually, none.
    I'm getting a bad feeling in my stomach...but I can't bring myself to revise... -___-
    I keep telling myself there's plenty of time when I know there isn't. =/
    I think the most I'll do is my homework. I'm so bad. My parents keep nagging me and telling me I'm gonna fail which just makes me feel like crap and demotivates me D:


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