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O2 and their "changing deals"

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    Ok so long story short, I'm on 3 atm with a blackberry that I desperately need to get rid of. Wanted to switch to the samsung galaxy s2, and found the best deals with O2. When I rang them up about 2 weeks ago, they offered me £24/month for 300minutes 500 O2 minutes unlimited texts and unlimited data. I stupidly didn't take the offer because I wanted to explore a bit more first. 2 days later I called them again and they told me this deal had finished. Then in the next few days, they had a different deal which I should have snapped up but it ended a few days later again. Whenever I talk to the online advisors they always say different things. Some tell me that O2 get new deals every week, others tell me they don't change their deals for months. When I asked one of them about the £24/month deal she told me they "never offer unlimited data", which would mean whoever spoke to me on the phone the other day almost ripped me off.

    Basically all I want to know is whether it's worth hanging around for a week or so to see if O2 bring out a new deal? The current deal I'm looking at is £27/month but I'm a cheap student and it's a pretty big jump from my current contract. I know the S3 is coming out in June but I don't wanna wait that long because if I spend that long with my blackberry I'll end up burning it. Sorry about the length of this post but any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Updated: April 10, 2012
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