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Help me choose a prom dress! [PICS]

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    I'm 5'8", about a size 12 with light brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I'm not too sure about colours either so suggestions (if you don't like those in the pics) would be nice (they let you choose different colours). Thanks!

    Sorry these are quite large pictures...




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    i like one and two but from your description i think two may suit you better
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    I like one and two though the orange may overpower you given your description of your colouring???? Depends on your skin tone too. If you have any yellow or red tone to your skin it might be a bit wrong. The red is a bit too dried blood like in tone and more suitable for someone older. The green is too bunchy around the bust area. So I'm for number one unless two comes in a better colour. You could try different colours in number one though the blue is lovely and very floaty.
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    I think no.1 is the best choice... I think the sequins on no.3 cheapen it a bit. I actually got my prom dress in a bridal shop because they had a rail of bridesmaid dresses to get rid of from the previous season or something and it was amazing! They were being sold as prom dresses and they were all really nice and only like 20 quid each reduced from 180-300ish. So yeah I recommend bridal shops! Don't buy a dress online, you really need to actually go into a shop and try a few on.
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    Need a pic of you without the dress :yep:
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    Two by a mile
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    I would say 2.

    You said your 5 ft 8, size 12, light brown skin, dark skin, etc.

    I think 1 is a beautiful dress but I think it works well for those who are perhaps size 10 and 5ft 10 (UNLESS you wear heals to complement your height).

    If you do have light brown skin, I think 1 does help but sometimes stating the description above doesn't give much of a wider picture. Do you have smooth, soft, glowing skin? I've seen some girls with light brown skin but not a healthy skin complexion.

    Moving on, I'm not a fan of that thing that goes diagonal on the blue dress...from my point of view, it makes a dress look elegant and formal but somewhat something to cover up or perhaps a person who doesn't like to show a lot of skin.

    I love the second dress, because I think its sexy, brightly colored, vibrant. Bare in mind, if your at the prom, another thing to consider is the lighting of the dance floor, if the prom dance floor is dark and gloomy with laminated flooring and red, velvet curtains and carpet in the background, then orange may stand out quiet a lot.

    Whether that's a good thing or not, it depends on the person wearing it.

    As for breast size, a good bump does complement the dress.

    erm..I kind of went of topic...also make sure the material on the prom dress is worth to buy. I worry that, although the dresses on the picture looks nicely seen, cheap material makes the person unsophisticated.

    So do invest in better quality material, it stand out!

    Hope this helps

    (Original post by Boom.Squish)

    I'm 5'8", about a size 12 with light brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I'm not too sure about colours either so suggestions (if you don't like those in the pics) would be nice (they let you choose different colours). Thanks!

    Sorry these are quite large pictures...
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    Option 2, in red.
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    Oh you said you can change the colour, depending on the scenery and weather. I'd say white or creamy colour in Option 2 would be nice too, especially someone with light brown skin and dark hair.

    Makes the person look sophisticated and young.
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    2 in a different colour?

    Although 1 looks fine in the picture, I can imagine it looking very tacky.
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    number 2 is gorgeous!...i think the orange would really complement your skintone
    i would like the first one more if it was longer.

    but yep the orange one
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    The second one, definitely. Good length, beautiful colour and not tacky at all.

    The first dress is my second choice, but I hate the awkward length!
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    The first colour is best but i much prefer the design of the second.
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    Definitely two!
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    Dress two, but I advise a different colour, orange can be very overpowering and is difficult to make suit anything.
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    I think two is gorgeous! However maybe in a different colour? I think maybe red (or dark red) or blue or white would look nice also, can you let me know how ordering through this company goes for you? I'm wanting to buy a dress from there, however I get worried about ordering things from abroad online
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    I like the orange one.
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    Number two!
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    2 or 3
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    2 seems to be a clear winner, which is great because that was my favourite
    I'm going to see if I can find anything nice in the shops first (always nice to be able to try them on) but I'll probably end up ordering that one, in a different colour.


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