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St dominics sixth form entry 2012

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    I just got my letter from st doms today, saying I have a place! Yay! Just wondering if any one else got anything similar?

    I got in too! I'm scared more than i'm happy though:confused:
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    yay! What are you taking for A-Levels?

    I got in too!

    Me too! But, I'm really confused about going there or not - the deadline's too early. I think I need more info from people who've already been/are there (:

    Its not that good, very racially segregated, whites near the back, indians/muslims etc in the canteen. Although no one is racist but i guess as there are so many people theres no need to mingle with 500+ people so i guess its ok

    teaching wise maths is poor, if sandra is teaching there then youll be in trouble, but she is willing to help.
    Law is very good, teacher is hilarous, while also being adamant about timining, always would question you why you were absent etc, made you look like a right fool when you did so had very good attendance for that subject, (probs the best teacher in whole school , made us also research around subject etc and do presentations every week, - His name is james lovell, but if hes not there anymore then dont bother and do history instead)

    Physics is ok but you will need to put effort in, most of the peeps who got u's didnt study outside of lessons,

    economics is ok but i had a right **** in my lessons who thought he was funny,unit 5 macroeconomics is ****e, totally ****e-so if you like how markets run dont pick eco!!! cos it will only put you off, just do maths and physics instead

    The good thing about st doms is that your no longer in the top 10% of your highschool(unless you are freakishly clever) as everyone is at that same level, so everyone there has potential, and that most peeps are commited to studying so that rubs off on you, but remember your in one of the best sixtb forms in the country, even better than alot of privates, so dont feel like your behind cause the students there are some of the best in the country(the non catholics im talking about as for catholics st doms is there sixth form)

    Oh yeah they also let you do 3 diff activities each term, like first aid, football , acting etc- thats a load of fun- but a total waste of time lol

    Finally, remember that a levels are 90% book reading/memorising and 10% working in lessons as concepts are relatively eas even at a2

    Oh yeah and you need atleast 3'c i think to be allowed into next year-so study study study,( theres a presentation in the beginning that says u should study 3 hours a day- if you follow that then ur probs guaranteed 3 a stars(assuming you do not just read each textbook but can actually understand concepts)

    Also, volunteering is a waste of time in schools etc unless its done for charities, and uni's dont care. Just make sure you get experience on what you wanna do and go for it

    I finished in 2008 and had a good experience and am studying philosophy at bristol(which i regret cause its a **** subject, but hoping to study petroleum geology or pet engineering after i grad-fkin second degree no loans!!!)

    Oh and i cannot stress this enough, make sure you understand the subject you want to study, when your in as summer break i recommend you to check out first year undergrad books on your subject; and jobs as well)


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Updated: May 11, 2012
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