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My band's first music video

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    Hey everyone,

    My band/duo just made a new music video and I thought I'd share it here.

    Let me know what you think.

    Our other song is here: soundcloud.com/oneunknownmusic/ill-be-there-for-you
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    (Original post by TERMStudent)
    Hey everyone,

    My band/duo just made a new music video and I thought I'd share it here.

    Let me know what you think.

    Our other song is here: soundcloud.com/oneunknownmusic/ill-be-there-for-you
    :borat: Although I think its a bit tough to hear the lyrics!!! (or maybe my speakers suck )

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    I like it, it's different and quite a nice song.

    Keep it up!
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    Thanks for posting the video I enjoyed the song

    I really like the chorus vocals. I think very occasionally the vocal is out of tune in the verses. Like the above poster I struggle a little to hear the lyrics - but I think part of the problem is diction rather than the volume of the backing music. I think that is a stylistic preference however, and I think lots of people would think the diction adds to the aura of the song.
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    Sounds a bit 90s mellow house, it's ok though.
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    I like it quite a lot.
    The bassist is fairly proficient, and the synth melodies worth well with the rhythm.

    That said, the bass is a tad high in the mix for my tastes - but I like that I can clearly hear what is being played, so this really isn't a major issue.
    The tone of the acoustic guitar sounds fairly cheap and sometimes I hear a few buzzed notes, but other than that it works well.

    The singing is pretty good, the pitch isn't as much of a problem as people are suggesting, though it sound and look like he isn't putting much effort into it.

    The fact I'm listening to it (at least!) twice means it's better than a lot of the new material I'm exposed to.
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    Yeah the vocals aren't great on this one, but I don't really think of us as a vocal band. We thought about getting a better singer, but decided against it because we want the focus to be on the song writing and not just have another perfect singer out there - sort of like a Bob Dylan thing.

    I'm glad you guys like it though
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    First of all thank you for posting your music video. I'll focus my review on a) the music and the song itself and b) the music video.

    The song was a really great song. It's not something that I thought I'd enjoy, but I actually thought there was some thought that had gone into the song. I felt that at times the music overshadowed the singer and perhaps it may be worth turning the music down a little bit in parts just so that we hear the singer more. Pronunciation is a major problem in this song. You need to really nail the final consonants of many of the words because comprehension is lost at some points. You can get away with it to an extent, but not to the extent that you try here because you lose the meaning and you have to convey. The storyline of the song is quite simple and works well. The second song is a little more complex musically and with regards to the storyline. In both, you need to really look to pronounce 't's and k's specifically.

    The singer is good, but the falsetto-esque singing works better than the normal voice in many respects. The second verse was quite weak vocally, but the rest of it worked quite well really. He's a good singer in this band, but I would have liked to have heard some whole band singing and harmonising. If you can get that, you can play around with the music a lot more and bring in some quite nice musical effects which might work well in the chorus maybe.

    The music video was nice and simple (it's stripped back simple feel meant that the music could come out a lot more). The backing vocalist needs to make more of an effort though. At many times, there was almost a 'can't be bothered' look and that is something which let this video down slightly. It may be worth giving him more to do to get him motivated more. I would have liked to have seen the whole band though.

    Some great work here and I liked both songs. I look forward to listening to your future work and you're definitely a band to watch and on my favourites list,

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    I like that the singing isn't perfect; it sounds more authentic. The synthy sounds with an auto-tuney voice would just scream 'eurovision' in my opinion.
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    First off, I really like the song. I agree that I would prefer to have the vocals slightly louder especially as the high piano parts felt slightly overpowering when the vocals were at a lower pitch. But other than that I really enjoyed it.

    Video-wise, I thought it was good, with nice angles. I would suggest considering your backgrounds - if you wanted to look less casual/more professional. The lighting was nice. I personally think it would be nicer to watch if the vocalists were looking a little more animated, but that's purely down to preference.

    Nice job


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