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Would you die to rescue someone?

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    I just read the following story, and it brought me to tears. One thing that impacted me was that this man's family believes that even if he had known the outcome, that he would die, he still would have rescued the little girl.

    It makes me ask myself, am I willing to die for another person to live? Although it's very difficult to know what one would do in such a scenario, where quick-thinking is needed and potential sacrifice is possible, I hope by God's grace that I would do the same thing he did.

    Would you die to rescue someone? It's a hard question, and normally, one that catches a person off-guard, because most people do not have a death wish. Most people prefer rescuing someone and living too, as I'm sure this man did. However, there are some men and women who are willing to rescue a person even if that means giving up their own life. That reminds me of someone. Jesus.


    Here is the article: (I boldened some.)

    "A heroic 65-year-old man jumped directly into a powerful Florida riptide and rescued a little girl before suffering a "cardiac event" in the water that led to his death.

    Alan Hall went to Honeymoon Island, Fla. Sunday to spend the day relaxing with his wife and daughter, but the day quickly took a dramatic turn.

    While taking a walk with his wife, Eileen, to collect seashells, the couple spotted three children playing near the shoreline as a powerful current began to build.

    "[My dad] said, 'I hope somebody's watching them. That's a pretty strong current,'" Julie Hall recounted.

    Seconds later, the children started screaming for help. Their parents rushed into the water and were each able to pull a child to safety, but a third child, a little girl, was still in harms way in the rough water. Alan Hall jumped into the tide without hesitating, Julie Hall said.

    "My dad was able to push Ruby out of the way and towards the shore, where it was safe," said Julie Hall.

    Riptides, also known as rip currents, are extremely dangerous channels of discolored water that can form unexpectedly and pull swimmers away from the beach.

    After pushing the child to safety, Alan Hall's heart stopped. Nearby boaters managed to get him back to shore, where a crowd was gathering.

    His wife began performing CPR immediately but Alan Hall was not breathing and did not have a pulse.

    "My mom said one of the things she remembers so strongly is the circle of people around him that all started praying for him," Julie Hall said. "That's something that has stuck with her."

    Emergency medics arrived and attempted to resuscitate Hall, but they were unsuccessful. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Medical examiners have not yet released a cause of death, but Julie Hall said her father suffered from a "cardiac event."

    A spokeswoman from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection said that no lifeguards were on the section of the beach because it is not a designated swimming area. Other parts of Honeymoon Island State Park are open for swimming but only have seasonal lifeguards on duty from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

    Five-year-old Ruby, the child Alan Hall saved, traveled to the hospital with her parents and siblings to thank the Halls. The family had been on vacation in Florida, visiting from Ohio.

    "They were so distraught and they were so guilty," Julie Hall said. "We told them not to feel guilty because if my dad had known the outcome, he would have done it anyway. That's how he lived his life. He would have done it regardless. He was one of those people that actually lived what he preached."

    Hall said her recently-retired parents moved to the Land O'Lakes area of Florida from Connecticut not long ago. Her mother is a retired nurse and Alan Hall most recently worked in sales for Frito Lay.

    The couple was getting ready to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. Hall said her mother is doing "as good as can be expected."

    "I think because she's still in shock, she's okay right now," Hall said. "She's strong. She's tough."

    Hall said her family is extremely proud of her father, and hopes the example he set will move others to perform acts of kindness and caring for strangers.

    "He wouldn't have done it to be a hero,
    but he's probably grinning somewhere," Hall said. "
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    To be honest it depends on who it is and how they act.

    There was this complete retard from secondary school, he used to get into arguments with me to amuse his friends,his friends used to still bully him like mad but he carried on trying to impress them by attempting to humiliate other people. Also everytime he comes near me without his mates he attempts to show off to make out hes clever, but his F's at gcse said otherwise.

    ^ I would not save him if he was dieing, unless it was part of my Job to do e.g. fireman.
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    Probably not, no.
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    I would die to rescue someone if I thought that they would do the same for me.
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    For family and close friends yea.
    And also people 13 and under and parents of little kids.
    Anyone else, especially enemies, bye!
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    Probably only my (not yet conceived) kids or siblings.
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    I like to think so...

    But it's not something you can really contemplate 'til you're in the situation, and by then you probably won't have time to think about it.

    In his case, he probably thought he would have a better chance escaping than the little girl, it was purely unfortunate that he didn't survive himself. Even if it wouldn't have changed his actions, I doubt he thought he was giving up his life.
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    My instincts are for self-preservation, so no. Unless it was someone I really cared about, I wouldn't be able to override those instincts. As much I'd like to be able to do something so courageous, I most likely wouldn't.
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    I don't think I could do it for anyone, except possibly my younger sister, any future younger siblings(not that there are likely to be any), a future lifepartner, and our children.
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    Usually, people would die to save their children, or maybe even some other children or nephew or something. That makes sense though. Would I die to save an old lady? Well, er I'm not really sure and it would depend on this situation. If there was some kind of sick game being played where either I had to die or an elderly lady and I had to make the decision it would be pretty tough. However, if I was an elderly man and there was a young man//girl/boy and I had to make the decision I would save them.

    So to clarify, family members, yeah probably. Random people, unlikely. If I was old would I try to save the youth, yes. If I was young would I try to save the old, difficult situation.

    In any case, would I have done what that man did? Yes, good man.
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    (Original post by Nephilim)
    Ohh don't chat **** you liar.
    Why the hell would you save some next mans that you don't even know.

    And to OP only for the younglings in ma fam.
    Just being truful.

    Edit: I love the negs, i'm one step closer in achieving my dream of getting another red bar
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    It depends doesn't it, I mean in the situation in the OP the old guy probably thought he had a decent chance of saving her and getting out, but he had a cardiac problem. There are probably very few situations where you pretty much know you are going to die to rescue someone else.

    That being said, I would do something like that for my family and very close friends, children as well. This could all be wishful thinking though, the occasion may arise and I just completely freeze up, who knows.
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    It depends on the spur of the moment. Events and heroics like this are done without really thinking and I think that is the main point. It shows the true character of someone.
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    I like to think I would.
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    Yeah, if it was my kids, any other of my family, friends, or any child in general....It's hard to say but I couldn't stand there and watch someone die knowing I could do something
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    (Original post by DontJudge)
    Ohh don't chat **** you liar.
    Why the hell would you save some next mans that you don't even know.

    And to OP only for the younglings in ma fam.
    Just being truful.
    I'm not lying. I'm a Christian, and so I have no problem sacrificing my life in order to save another.
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    Only if they buy me Mc Donalds afterwards
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    (Original post by Nephilim)
    I'm not lying. I'm a Christian, and so I have no problem sacrificing my life in order to save another.
    What does being Christian have to do with it, may I ask.
    Where does it say, you should sacrifice yourself to save another?


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