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Would you die to rescue someone?

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    What if you save them and they wanted to commit suicide... they may want to kill you anyway.
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    It depends on who it is.
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    I would die to save my mum/dad or a select few of my siblings.

    I'm not afraid of death, as long as its short and sweet. Yeah when you're dead it signalls the end of the road, but you won't witness this.
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    Its impossible to tell until it actually presents itself, then your true colours come through. I would like to think i would try my utmost to save an infant but to be fair when your in that situation do you really have the rationality to stop and think and calculate the worth of someones life?
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    Its an interesting thought. You could spend ages thinking about what you'd do in such a situation, but you're thinking about it from the comfort of your surroundings. In such a situation, you're usually likely to have a reflex response that doesn't involve conscious thought and so you probably wouldn't create the same scene in your head as what you do in the heat of the moment.
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    To praise my self, I rescued a friend who drowned in the water
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    I couldn`t sleep one morning so went for a run around the nature reserve. I heard a dog barking and saw it in the canal. Then heard moaning and saw a youth up to his neck (kneeling) in the water. He was too far gone to help me if I tried to pull him out and I figured that if I went in to support him, then there would be 2 people stuck. And it was 5 am so it could have been ages before anyone else came. When I took life saving classes, we were taught that rule 1 is you do not drown. So I ran back to the car and called the police from a call box. They turned up without a rope or a clue and called the fire brigade.
    The kid had gone in the night before to get his dog and had been in the water for over 5 hours. Luckily he was ok.
    I think I made the correct decision, but I would have felt awful if he had drowned while I was away.
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    If I knew from the beginning that rescuing him/her would cost my life, yes, but only for family and *very* close friends. For anyone else, I think it depends on the state of mind in that situation.
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    Well, it depends on the person and the situation.
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    I won't know until I'm tested. I just hope I'm never tested.


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