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Experimental short-movie"EGO" (2012) - Dublin - Irlande

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    "EGO" is an experimental short film about dream and personality.
    It tells the story of a man who wishes to figure out the meaning of his dream and ends up discovering new insights on his personnality.

    It's my first production.

    THE LINK: https://vimeo.com/39637196

    Don't hesitate to comment it.


    Written & produced by Thomas Loas & Romain Ducassé.
    © RisingMind Productions.
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    First of all thank you for posting this video. I have got to say that there is certainly a lot of intelligent thought and work that has gone into this story. There are a few issues, but I'll begin by highlighting the main positives. The use of a book as some kind of key theme throughout the work helped to ensure continuity, but also helped to provide some kind of link throughout each of the scenes. A lot of the acting was good with only a few issues here and there. The music chosen fitted perfectly to the storyline. There was some good development of a plot throughout the piece. The use of the variety of angles worked well. I liked the scene with the nodding off and the second time when we thought that he would go to sleep he didn't - I loved the play on the rather cliched scene type of falling to sleep. I also liked how you made it clear the source of the soundtrack.

    While there are many positives and the above are just what I remember, I feel at times the actor doesn't really make the actions believable - especially at the start. The storyline isn't always obvious really and there's almost the idea of why does he do action X that isn't explained? If there are dream sequences, make them clearer. If not, try to remove that ambiguity more.

    A great piece of film and I think that there's a lot of promise here. I look forward to viewing your next video,



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Updated: April 13, 2012
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