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Where do you get your video games from?

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    Which store? Or do you get it online? If so which company do you go for?
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    I used to go to Gamestation and Game back when games were £20 - £30 at the most. But I just go on ebay now. You can probably get between £5 and £10 off brand new games.
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    Steam, Game Stores, Amazon, Play.com mainly
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    The cheapest online site, which is usually amazon.
    Sometimes supermarkets do good deals though.
    Got a brand new game on the day of release for £26 a couple of years ago.
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    Amazon or Play, but a lot of the time I'll borrow them from friends.
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    Amazon, I feel dirty as they seem to be the new Tesco's of the internet world, but they are cheap and reliable
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    It was Game until it shut down now it's Amazon or Gamestation depending on if I want the game now or not
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    The sales in December are pure win.
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    (Original post by Alex_K123)
    Amazon, I feel dirty as they seem to be the new Tesco's of the internet world, but they are cheap and reliable
    Amazon is going to take over the world, start sucking up now or you'll be forced to be a slave in the future :cool:
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    eBay, no where is cheaper.
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    amazon play.com zavvi.co.uk shopto.net ebay

    whatever's cheaper really. I rarely buy games at actual stores these days...
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    Amazon is going to take over the world, start sucking up now or you'll be forced to be a slave in the future :cool:
    True - it will be a 3 way world war of amazon, google and apple. I'm getting a pen and paper and moving to fiji to escape it all
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    Wherever has the best deal between GAME, CEX, Asda, shopto and Amazon.
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    Grainger games (If you aren't from the North of England, look it up), Game (probably not for much longer) and Amazon.
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    Steam because of their fascist monopoly and snail paced download speeds and offline mode that needs an internet connection...
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    I used to get most games from Amazon.co.uk (and a few from Play.com)but now I mostly get them from HMV instead because there are so few games that I want that they are usually low in price by the time that I buy them. When Max Payne 3 and Bioshock Infinite come out I might buy those online though. I have also bought some games from the Playstation store (Limbo and Silent Hill).
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    It used to be HMV when I didn't know where else to buy games (lol), but now it's Game, ebay, Amazon...


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