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Do you think my ex wants me back advice please?

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    Im very very very confused about how to feel, My ex cheated on me with lots of girls however he cheated on me with his flatmate while I was seriously ill in hospital and left me for her, I had suffered severe epileptic fits and my although my ex took me to hospital I do not remeber much of the first 3 months after we broke up, my mum told me that she came to get me from the hospital which was up North and said I had been having fits all night as id got myself so worked up ans he and the new gf apparantly turned up and he dumped me while i was in hospital. Part of me thinks if i remebered actually breaking up then i wouldnt still love him but i remmeber waving him off to uni everything being perfect and then suddanly not having him so obs i do still love him.

    He didnt talk to me much, he is in a relationship with the girl he cheated on me with but recently had text me quite alot he sent texts saying he missed me he loved me, he wished we could be toghter, that maybe in summer we could get back toghter he seemd really like his old self and intense.

    I got alot of false hope from this, but this morning he text me telling me he had met this amazing girl at uni that he slept with and she lives in our town back home so he hopes he can see her over summer. I dont know whether him and his gf have an open relationship but why ould he tell me he wants me then tell me he wants naother girl?
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    Sounds like he did you a favour, stay away, he sounds awful!
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    [QUOTE=Anonymous;37101104]Im very very very confused about how to feel, My ex cheated on me with lots of girls however he cheated on me with his flatmate while I was seriously ill in hospital and left me for her

    I'm sorry, but that opening sentence put me off this guy straight away You don't need him nor deserve him, he isn't worth it if he treats you like this ^^

    You dont want to be on Jeremy Kyle in a few years with a cheating partner who has 300 children outside of your relationship


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Updated: April 13, 2012
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