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Love story to read

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    Juliana felt the caress of the breeze on her skin. By interval, she opened her eyes to contemplate the skyline which unveiled fields of miniscule crystals reflecting the sunbeams on the surface of the ocean.
    The white sand danced within the turquoise waves. Ellis reached her hand, and delicately put it in his palm. They savoured the view from the terrace of the presidential villa, comfortably installed under the parasols next to the swimming pool. It was a splendid afternoon in Fregate Island, one of the pearls of the Seychelles.
    Neither of them thought that one day they would spend holidays together as husband and wife. When Ellis kissed Juliana, the sweetness of her tongue was a leaf floating in the air.
    They were in harmony with the elements.

    While still relaxing, Juliana replayed in her mind the events that sealed the love they shared.
    The images kept coming like a train running at full speed.
    It was almost exactly two years ago, they were trapped inside the helicopter which was sinking in the lake next to Alexandra palace in London. The suffocating smell of the kerosene mixed with the burning plastics, the terrible smoke, the chaos, and finally the coma began to remove the last bits of hope.
    She was lost in the haze of her torment. Suddenly, from the core of her being, a sequence of light opened a way in the shadow of the mystery.



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Updated: April 11, 2012
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