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Does "Principles of Economics by Mankiw" give a good overview of uni economics?

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    I'm trying to see if economics would be good for me as a degree. I recently purchased a book called "Principles of Economics by Mankiw" and i really enjoy it and am interested in the content. Is this a good indicator that a economics degree is right for me? Or does this textbook not give a good "feel" for what university economics is like?
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    Yes that book is the best starter economics book and it does give a good overview of most of the core topics in university economics. In that book he doesn't go into the more technical side like the maths but he covers the economic principles and gets you thinking like an economist so it's very good. At uni you will do more technical analysis of all the topics but yes it is the same topics, and the "ten principles" at the start are good practice for thinking about any economic question.
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    thats all you need as preparation


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Updated: April 12, 2012
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