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Carbs are just as important as protein when building muscle

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    of course protein is the building blocks of muscle but carbs play an important indirect role in muscle growth and people underestimate how crucial carbs are. carbs are crucial to have throughout the day to give your muscles energy. not just in a pre-workout meal. the emphasis all seems to be on protein, protein and more protein. most guys take in too much protein, chugging down protein shakes, cooking chicken breasts, eating eggs but lack enough carbs, then they wonder why they are having poor sessions in the gym and not progressing. whenever i get an aching feeling in my muscles, it is usually because i havent had enough carbs. every gram of protein should be equalled with at least a gram of carbs.

    what are your thoughts on this? do you think that people dont appreciate the role of carbs enough?
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    Blend a banana with your protein shake

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    (Original post by Movember)
    what are your thoughts on this? do you think that people dont appreciate the role of carbs enough?
    Most people don't appriciate the role of carbs just like they don't appriciate the role of cardio.
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    Your body does not need carbs for energy.
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    nah, people underestimate the power of fats!
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    Broscience: 50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results.
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    My knowledge on this is a lot more rusty than it used to be, but I used to swear by a meal of complex carbs with protein prior to working out, then protein and simple carbs after workout.
    I remember reading lots of times that protein alone wont be as efficiently absorbed as it would be when combined with simple, fast-absorbing carbs - needed to replenish glycogen/glucose levels and prevent catabolism. So yeah, have a glass of orange juice with your protein shake, and chicken with white pasta for your post workout meal!
    Based on personal experience I'd say carbs are important to building muscle too.
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    Really? I only eat about 40 carbs a day and I'm making all kinds of gains...
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    (Original post by duharvalgt)
    Really? I only eat about 40 carbs a day and I'm making all kinds of gains...
    I think the thread may be saying that carbs are a limiting factor and not low carbs = no growth.
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    Fats are even more underrated.
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    If you have a calorie surplus and enough protein you will build muscle regardless of carb intake. To take carbs out of your diet though wouldn't be great as your body uses carbs and the most efficient source of energy.
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    the past few months I have been eating low carbs and high fats, and I feel a lot better all round, energy levels included.

    At first workouts were difficult, now I'm used to it.
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    I like carbs because they're cheap and satisfying
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    (Original post by Jtking3000)
    nah, people underestimate the power of fats!
    ****ing oath, repped


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