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Do you look your age?

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    People always tell me I look much younger than I actually am. wbu?
    I also get told that I dont "act my age", :confused:
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    Erm I think I do. I get it from both sides though. Running my society and at work people think i'm older than I am. Otherwise I generally look younger.
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    No I look younger, 21 and still get IDed buying *everything*, including rizla... fml.
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    everyone seems to think i'm like 13-17 but really i'm 18, my high pitched voice doesn't help much either. I've been accused of lying about my age as well but then again i remember someone guessing my age as 23 when i was 16 :confused:
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    I'm generally told that I look older than I am (18) - have quite a bit of facial hair

    I was on the bus once and an old lady sitting next to me asked me if I was married - I was 17 at the time :lolwut:
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    Well considering I've just gone 20, and when I get cigarettes people usually say these exact words 'ooooooo you only look about 12'
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    I look younger than i am (I'm 21) but i tend to take it as a compliment , i'll still look sexy when I'm 40 hehe!! Annoying when we went to go see i think it was inglorious bastards. Me and my (at the time) bf getting id-ed getting the tickets (we were 19) and my sister who was 17 not getting id-ed, i tend to blame her big boobs tbh.
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    (Original post by thegodofgod)
    I'm generally told that I look older than I am (18) - have quite a bit of facial hair

    I was on the bus once and an old lady sitting next to me asked me if I was married - I was 17 at the time :lolwut:
    lol ohdear
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    I get 16 most of the time, I'm 19 but someone once said I looked 13..
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    Apparently I look older. My boss was convinced I was a lot older than I am (he thought I was 25, what the ****ing hell? :nooo:) needless to say I wasn't that impressed.

    My face and body hasn't really changed much since I was about 15, so I personally think I'm starting to look my actual age
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    Apparently I look younger, I get told I look fourteen a lot, and I'm 18.
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    I'm 17, people tell me I look 20/ 21
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    At the hospice, just before my birthday, the oldies guessed how old I was turning. They said 25.

    I'm 19.
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    Erm... I'm not sure.

    But people are often surprised when I tell them my age (after they've asked, I don't just tell people how old I am)
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    I got ID'd to buy a 15 game the other day. Woman didn't believe me when I said I was 18. I had to go back to the car and get my ID. So I guess I look younger
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    I'm a little on the short side, but apart from that I dress maturely and have a fair bit of facial hair so that makes up for it. I'm 18 but many assume around 20.
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    I'm 21 and i think i look around 16, but then i never get ID'd :dontknow:
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    I still get Id'ed sometimes when I buy alcohol. I'm 26 (nearly) and apparently I look between 21-23. If I continue ageing well I'll look 30 at 40 :borat:
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    I look older, been getting served since I was 15
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    I look like I'm 20 from afar, or until I open my mouth (I have braces).

    Apparently this makes people think I'm nearer my actual age of 18.

    Nearly always get ID'd though, although I'd get away with it when I was 17 cos I'm pretty tall, until I got braces last year. Prejudice :sigh:


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