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Do you look your age?

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    im 22, and get id'd to buy anything, not just the 18 things... call of duty (16), bonjela... worst about the bongela is the lady serving me wasnt sure how old you had to be and was asking everyone who walked past her till if you had to be 16... i was just like "no no it doesnt matter i have id and 21!!!" :| ! aahh
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    I'm 17 always get mistaken to be arnd 15-16 but there are few ppl who thought I was 20(I'm kinda tall 6"1 )

    ( one of those ppl (who thought I was 20 was an air hostess on an emirates airplane who gave me the bar menu (free drinks :devil: .... was flying business )
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    Naturally blonde hair combined with the inability to grow facial hair that is anything more than fuzz does not bode well for me looking 'old'. I dye my hair brown at the moment which makes me look my age (21), but if I didn't, I'd look about all of 12 years old.
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    I look about 15 and I'm 20 >_>
    I think its mainly due to my height.
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    When I have a shave I look 15/16, but when haven't I look about 19/20.
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    (Original post by dulciemae)
    I look like I'm 20 from afar, or until I open my mouth (I have braces).

    Apparently this makes people think I'm nearer my actual age of 18.

    Nearly always get ID'd though, although I'd get away with it when I was 17 cos I'm pretty tall, until I got braces last year. Prejudice :sigh:
    looking at your picture I think u could easily past for 20!!!!
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    I remember working in primark as a 19 year old and a lady asking me if I was on my school holidays...I just said yes to avoid it getting anymore awkward!

    My 19 year old friend got id'd buying twilight...which is a 12, so they must have thought she could be younger than that ahahaha! That's her self esteem gone for the next 10 years!
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    I don't know how old I look. People guess anything from 20 up to 45.
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    I think I look my age, but people are always surprised when I say I'm 21.
    I never used to get ID'd when I was 19/20. But I do now :/
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    Ehm.. I'm not sure O.o Sometimes I get ID'd but other times I don't, Some people think I'm older and others younger so I have no idea -.-
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    I'm 24 this year but most people when they meet me think I'm 17/18. I have no idea why because I'm quite tall, and don't dress 'young' particularly! I still get child fare on the bus sometimes, so there is an advantage to looking young!
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    When I was 13/14, someone asked me what I was studying in uni.

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    Look younger than I am
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    When I dress up I look older.

    <3 x
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    I look my age, which is good sometimes and bad at other times. I can go to clubs without being ID'd as thoroughly as some of my younger-looking friends, but I also have to pay adult prices for everything :/
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    I look younger than I actually I am, although the age I get mistaken for varies a lot. d:
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    (Original post by swaggiee)
    People always tell me I look much younger than I actually am. wbu?
    People always seem to think I look ATLEAST 5yrs younger than I actually am. When I was 10, apparently I looked 5; now actually being 15 (nearly 16), I also get accused of lying about my age as I 'look 10' (my auntie recently said I had the body of a child).

    I guess I don't mind too much (sometimes take it as a compliment), but at times it can be really annoying!
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    (Original post by sr90)
    I'm 21 and i think i look around 16, but then i never get ID'd :dontknow:
    I thought you were 19? Aren't you a first year?
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    (Original post by darthgirlie)
    I look younger than i am (I'm 21) but i tend to take it as a compliment , i'll still look sexy when I'm 40 hehe!! Annoying when we went to go see i think it was inglorious bastards. Me and my (at the time) bf getting id-ed getting the tickets (we were 19) and my sister who was 17 not getting id-ed, i tend to blame her big boobs tbh.
    Haha, something similar has happened to me too. When I was 16, I was with my 14-year-old sister, and my friend's mum saw us in the street and thought she was my older sister . She also has bigger boobs than I do, haha.

    I'm 20 and I've had quite a lot of people say I look younger than my age, anything from 15 to 19 . It was only recently though that the reverse happened when I went on a date with a 30-year-old and he said he thought I was about 21 :lol:
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    i thought i looked my age/younger but apparently i look older? i've had people say i look like 20..

    i hate it

    nah i don't really as long as i don't look older than i am when i am actually old.


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