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My new song

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    I wrote this song today. I've been playing guitar for like 6-7 months now (I don't actually like playing guitar much, so don't try and master it or something) and writing songs for a couple months.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Sexy song :suith:
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    (Original post by Staceycake)
    Sexy song :suith:
    Don't think I've ever heard a song be described as sexy before hahaha but thanks
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    (Original post by rj1990)
    Don't think I've ever heard a song be described as sexy before hahaha but thanks
    That's because nobody is cool like me .
    Sexual hair too
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    First of all thank you for posting your song on here. There are potentially two main areas that I think you need to work upon. The first is your singing. While I can see that you are a talented singer, you're obviously working at the top of your vocal range and so I would advise you potentially looking to control your voice a little bit. At times you're verging on shouting or losing vocal control and so you need to ensure that, while you keep the power, you keep the power of your voice under control. I also think that you need to work on pronunciation. End consonants such as 'd's and 't's are lost throughout this piece and it makes understanding what you're singing a lot more difficult. You can get away with this slightly, but due to the fact that you're accompanied by a guitar alone, you need to really control your pronunciation. The song is great and it would be interesting to see your diversify and see what other songs you can sing. Your guitar skills are also well developed so you just need to keep working on that.

    Great work and I look forward to seeing you develop as an artist,

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    I think its absolutely amazing mate, I genuinely loved it. Look forward to hearing more from you very soon.


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