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Is it haraam to become a lawyer ?

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    (Original post by h_a_95)
    On a "muslim forum" that doesn't even make sense ?

    How many lawyers do you think would be on a "muslim forum" ?

    Is it haraam to become a lawyer ?

    Its a question about RELIGION..
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    i want to be a doctor but i can decide who i want to treat if i don't want to treat a patient becuase of my views then i can hand my pateint onto another doctor because they have to respect my wishes, and its the same with Law my cousin who is studying at uni says that she can decide who she wants as her defendent and so it wouldnt be haaram no because you have that sole right of your on respectfull wishes.
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    (Original post by h_a_95)
    Even in those sectors, you could still be backing liers claiming land or money that they are not entitled too.
    You don't have to work in a contentious area, that is, an area involving disputes. You can work on setting up deals in accordance with the law, providing clients with the best solution within those parameters and trying to prevent litigation in the first place.

    A very great deal of commercial law practice focuses on this.
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)
    Its a question about RELIGION..
    And he is asking that question in the religion sub-forum. :O

    Shock horror, I know.
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    (Original post by Hippysnake)
    OP: Never ask anything about Islam on this forum. There are pathetic little trolls on TSR who have nothing better to do than to actively search for opportunities to harass Muslims or make harsh comments. Don't give them an opportunity, these people genuinely have nothing better to do.
    I'm not harassing anyone, if your post was aimed at me. I am Muslim myself, I just fail to understand why you would ask for religious advice on a site where most people do not understand a religion. This thread proves it. How many questions answered the question ''Is it haraam becoming a lawyer'' giving proof in the form of verses or whatever?
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    (Original post by Spatial_Void)
    And he is asking that question in the religion sub-forum. :O

    Shock horror, I know.
    Read my other replies
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    (Original post by chelseafan)
    oh btw Music is haraam, Masturbation is haraam. Practically everything is nowadays.....

    silly muslims

    EDIT: Oh muslims getting angry because im stating the truth. also Mohammed was peado.
    Carry out some research into the prophets life and the circumstances of his marriages, and then establish an opinion, otherwise just keep quiet, any logical person can refute that claim easily, but it's clear your an ignorant person because you wouldn't of come to that conclusion in the first place if you have an ounce of knowledge who the prophet (pbuh) was, an obvious attention seeker trying to provoke people for your own entertainment, but i just feel sorry for you tbh, unfortunate we have such inept people, doubt you will get anywhere in terms of knowledge of the world, when you just hear things, dont have the ability or intellect to verify these claims then coming to a conclusion, I don't want to waste my time explaining why the prophet isn't a peedo if you dont want to hear it, so do you want an explanation ?
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    (Original post by TurboCretin)
    You don't have to work in a contentious area, that is, an area involving disputes. You can work on setting up deals in accordance with the law, providing clients with the best solution within those parameters and trying to prevent litigation in the first place.

    A very great deal of commercial law practice focuses on this.
    Thanks for advice, ill do more research.
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    Just reread the OPs initial post and it doesn't make any sense at all to me.

    We live in a society where you're innocent until proven guilty. A lawyer's role in a trial is to make sure all facts are heard and deliberated by a judge and jury.

    I can't think of any case where you'd be "backing a criminal" other than being their defence. In which case, if they're pleading guilty you'll be making sure a fair sentence is being given. If they plead not guilty then it's your job to defend them regardless of what your feelings towards them is. It's up to the jury to deliver a verdict, not the lawyer.

    If your religion trumps the way the above works (I really don't know about haraam), then law maybe isn't a path you should be looking at.
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)
    Its a question about RELIGION..
    Not only about religion, my question also asked 'if there were any alternatives ?'

    which a person who has knowledge about law and its different aspects could give an answer.
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    OP, you should probably know first of all that not all lawyers are criminal lawyers.

    Secondly, if you look at defence lawyers in a different light, you'll realise that they don't just get criminals off the hook - it's more a case of ensuring they get a fair trial and the right sentence. I guess you could argue that you're working to make sure the criminal justice system is fair on both the victims and on the criminals, which isn't something to be ashamed of IMO.
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    (Original post by xXxiKillxXx)
    WHY WHY do you Muslims ask these questions on thestudentroom?

    Go on a MUSLIM forum..
    why do white people complain about muslims ? go join the edl and do it there.
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    Be a property lawyer That's not haramful.
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    You guys are ****ing idiots, Criminals are just humans like yourself, the study of law doesnt allow retards like you in anyway, good luck.
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    (Original post by h_a_95)
    Even in those sectors, you could still be backing liers claiming land or money that they are not entitled too.
    A family friends of mine is studying law, and she says that you can opt out of a court case if you have a good enough reason, however if you do that too frequently, it may means people won't want you as a lawyer. Or become a judge!
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    You can choose who your clients are. If you find that you have to defend a criminal, then I'm sure sure sure you have the choice of saying no. On the other hand, you can always opt for studying further in to Islamic Law and go ahead finding a job in an Islamic Law firm. Not to mention, good lawyers are needed in the Middle East with very good pay. However, not only on the Middle East, in the UK (I think) Islamic communities are always looking for good Islamic lawyers who know how to speak and put forward a very good case.
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    Firstly, from Scholars Input -

    When working as a defence lawyer, one may have to support and defend evil, because the defence lawyer tries to prove the innocence of the guilty person whom he is defending. Is the income of a defence lawyer who does that haraam? Are there any Islamic conditions attached to a person working as a defence lawyer?

    Praise be to Allaah.

    Defence also means protection, and if a person defends and protects evil then undoubtedly this is haraam, because it means that he is falling into that which Allaah has forbidden:

    “but do not help one another in sin and transgression”

    [al-Maa'idah 5:2 – interpretation of the meaning]

    But if he protects and defends good, then this is a praiseworthy kind of protection as enjoined in the aayah:

    “Help you one another in Al‑Birr and At‑Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety)”

    [al-Maa'idah 5:2 – interpretation of the meaning]

    On this basis, whoever has prepared himself to do that must, before taking on a specific case, examine and study it. If the one who is asking for his defence is in the right, then he should take on the case and support the truth and the one who is in the right; if the one who is asking for his defence is not in the right then he may also indulge in a case of that nature but the lawyer may go against the wishes of the one who is seeking his defence in the sense that he is protecting this person to prevent him from falling into anything that Allaah has forbidden, and he does not defend him in the way that he wants. That is because the Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Help your brother whether he is a wrongdoer or one to whom wrong is done.” They said, “O Messenger of Allaah, (we know what it means to help) the one to whom wrong is done, but how can we help him if he is a wrongdoer?” He said, “Stop him from doing wrong to others, that is how you will help him.”

    If he knows that the one who is seeking his protection has no rights then he must advise him and warn him and put him off getting involved in this case; he should explain to him what is wrong with his claim so that he will give it up out of conviction

    Secondly, From hadiths/Verses which are relevant and should be taken into understanding -

    "Al-Bukhari and Muslim both reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "I am only a human being, and you people have disputes. Maybe someone amongst you can present his case in a more eloquent and convincing manner than the other, and I give my judgment in his favor according to what I hear. Beware! If ever I give (by error) somebody something of his brother's right, then he should not take it, as I have only given him a piece of Fire." In another Hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Whoever helps another in a dispute wrongfully, he incurs the wrath of Allah till he stops doing so."

    In At-Tabarani, there is a Hadith that reads: "Whoever walks with an oppressor to help him in his oppression while he knows that he is as such, he places himself out of the fold of Islam." This hadith shows that if a person believes that helping an oppressor is halal (lawful), he is totally out of Islam.

    And finally, Al-Ghazali puts it best -

    A person working on behalf of another is authorized to take fees, permissibly, if he is defending him in what is his right. However, if he is helping him in what is not his right or defending a person who is really guilty, the fees are totally unlawful. All of us should always remember the words of Allah: "Lo! ye are they who pleaded for them in the life of the world. But who will plead with Allah for them on the Day of Resurrection, or who will then be their defender?" (An-Nisaa’: 109)"

    The choice is yours. IF you go for it, hope you can pick your own cases, and if you can't, and you realise someone actually is guilty, then see if there's ways to opt out etc. But whatever you do, never take a case in with a biased agenda.

    (Original post by jameslad)
    erm.. because there's a religion forum here..

    some people are so stupid.
    I believe his meaning was that although this may be a religion forum, it's pretty much full of people who are clueless about the subject in itself. If someone wanted advise from a religious perspective, and wanted to get proper opinions on the matter, they should go to people who have studied and have a great understanding of religion.

    I mean, someone said "you get a diversity of opinions here", right... But you can get that from 12 year olds aswell on any given subject.

    However, for pass time, or on matters that are pretty obvious, SF isn't too bad. Still not the place to learn about religion or get any serious answers regarding it.

    (Original post by Care-Free)
    Everyone's entitled to a defence.
    Presumably if you're winning cases in favour of the "criminal" then there's enough evidence to suggest they didnt do it.
    Like people have already said criminal isnt only area of law available.
    That's a dumb thing to say. This is what I mean about SF.

    Some lawyers are good in which they could knowingly make a criminal look innocent. It pays their fee's and increases their reputation. The business is not one that necassarily allows ones moral's to take lead.

    This is haraam in Islam and diverts justice.
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    Perhaps this is a stupid answer to a stupid question.

    If your religion/culture doesn't allow you to do something, then choose something else.

    I very much doubt if any muslims here know the specific answer to your question, perhaps you should ask your preacher or imam next time you go to mosque.

    If you don't care enough to go to mosque, then the question of whether or not something you do is or is not haraam in Islam is irrelevant really.

    Although to me it seems silly that you have to check every little rule for every aspect of your life, I'm sure you won't go to hell for cases of genuine error.

    I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of lawyers of all varieties who would define themselves as Muslim. Are they going to hell? Or does it depend on whether or not you like the Sunni or the Shia version?

    Do they pick their cases on the basis of "I will only defend those who are innocent"? Then if they are innocent, why bother with a trial? What will you do if they are found guilty?

    The poster who says that you are not allowed physical contact with anyone outside your family/religion is an idiot, this is pretty basic stuff, it's not what Islam is about at all.
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    (Original post by hamzazulfiqar)
    why do white people complain about muslims ? go join the edl and do it there.
    He's a Muslim as well. I think he's trying to say that the OP should ask those who can offer a more detailed answer. Not that the Muslims in TSR can't do it but rather he has more of a chance asking an Islamic forum.
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    It isn't haram. Brother, have you never heard of Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)? Many Sheikhs are qualified Fiqh scholars. It isn't haram as long as your intentions are for the sake of Allah. If you truly believe whatever case is presented to you is unethical you don't have to take it. No-one can FORCE you to do anything where anything opposite to this is against your human rights, I believe. Secondly, if you think you are going to be out a job because your law firm fired you for not taking a case, well, that's just stupid. Lawyers take whatever cases they can/want. They aren't like patients in a hospital where the doctor must treat a patient, regardless of the fact that the doctor likes the person or not.
    OP, did that help?

    This link states a case where junior lawyers have been forced into doing something but I believe this may be an isolated case.

    This is a crazy world, after all.


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