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When you read/say an everyday word a few times...

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    Do you ever get confused and wonder if it's even a word?

    I just read the word 'sharp' a few times and it just looked weird... happens all the time
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    Yeah, the last one for me was chore, it even looks wrong.
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    The word loses its meaning because you're thinking more about how it looks (written) and how it sounds rather than the actual definition.
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    I was saying my brother's name over and over again a few years back (because it annoys him, and is therefore funny) and I therefore began questioning whether it was really his name, and whether it was really a name at all.
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    (Original post by ROYP)
    Do you ever get confused and wonder if it's even a word?

    I just read the word 'sharp' a few times and it just looked weird... happens all the time
    I did it with my name earlier today. FML :dry:
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    We once had to write out a table in biology, with one column just including the word 'brain' 20 times (I'm not sure why). The appearance of the word still confuses me, as does the sound of it when said repeatedly.
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    Yeah, that happens to me all the time. Most recently the words were "long" and water.
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    CHAIN is a really weird one
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_satiation this?
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    the words cancel and loading always get me
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    It just looks wrong!
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    Nope? Ahh i'm the odd one out :gah:
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    Haha yes this always happens!

    Also when im looking at or counting steps/stairs ( dont know why i do this) i seem to miss one and half fall. :/
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    yup the word
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    Chasm is one for me.

    Just said it a few times, then googled it to see if it was a real word. :nooo:
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    'Plenty'... It's a dark one. Say it over and over and then it'll dawn upon you, you'll be like, "WTH am I even saying? What is this? Ahhh!". That's when step two kicks in and you're like, "The Illuminati made this! Bloody Illuminati! Stupid... always tryna control us! ".

    True story.
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    how is it a word?


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