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leopard print- love or hate it? Poll

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    Just wondered what the geneal consensus was on leopard print?

    Personally I love it and i find that people either love it or hate it.

    What about everyone else?

    (obviously its just a general like/dislike cos theres going to be exceptions!)

    i tried to include a poll but my keyboard spazzed out as i clicked submit!
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    Really suits this guy:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	leopard_606_600x450.jpg 
Views:	74 
Size:	77.9 KB 
ID:	141324
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    On a leopard: acceptable.
    On any one/thing else: unpleasing to the eye.
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    Some women I find can carry it off. I am definitely not in that category, just as well really as I hate it.
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    Faux leopard print coat
    Black leggings
    Furry bag
    Curly hair
    Disco fanny
    Late thirties to early forties

    That's how I take my women.
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    I love it
    I don't over the top it though...
    I've got a couple of sets of underwear that are leopard print, I have a clingy monochrome top which is basically perfect for clubbing, a few other things too. Not much, and I never wear more than one leopard printed item at a time because then it's just really tacky and :puke:
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    Personally, I'm not a fan of it. But that's just me.
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    It turns me on personally, although a couple of my friends who think otherwise.
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    i love it! but on tops or accessories. never ever on leggings.
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    I think it's really nice - looks fab with blue or red!
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    Its nice when you wear about one or two leopard print pieces. When you go full out tigress though, well... :colonhash:
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    I love animals but wearing the animals skin i do not appreciate it.
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    I'm pretty obsessed with leopard print, if I see something in that pattern I'll buy it :P My favourite is my leopard fur coat. I never wear more than one item of leopard print though!
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    Everyone loves a cougar...
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    Ugh, hate it. Sorry to the lovers
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    My advice?- Only wear leopard print if you are:

    A) From Essex (and don't give a **** about what anyone else thinks)
    B) Devestatingly hawt

    Here endeth the lesson.
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    Depends. Small accessories, like a chunky bangle or earrings, fine, as is black/grey/white leopard print on a scarf. Any more looks tacky to me.
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    Imo girls who wear animal prints want to appear fabulous and chic but end up looking tacky and cheap
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    not when people over do it from top to bottom
    might as well paint your face leopard
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    It just reminds me of women in their 40s who still dress like hookers and think they're 'so HAWT!' when they're just overweight, wrinkly and look like tangerines who were victims of a fancy dress shop explosion.


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