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15/4/12 - Manchester United vs Aston Villa

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    Two of England's big 3 clubs. Should be a belter :sogood:
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    Berbatov to score the winner, 88th minute, you heard it here first
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    Come on villa, park the bus. We've had a shocking season so it's nice to be able to have some say on things at the top today I'm afraid to say it but as soon as united score it's game over

    Hoping for an eventful 0-0
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    3-0 United win, Scholes to score one.
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    3-1 with a brace from Rooney.
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    lol not convinced with that but will ease the pressure
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    Seemed pretty darn theatrical again but the contact definitely made it a penalty, Young did good to get there too. Good penalty from Rooney.
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    Rooney-and Scored. COME ON.
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    He needs to stop diving. Then again... 1-0!
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    Young, please stop diving.
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    lol Young is a complete con artist
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    Now please keep up this tempo
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    And this is how Man U cheats its way to the league title.
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    Liverpool fans all over Twitter deriding Utd for not mentioning Hillsborough in their minute's silence. Unbelievable :nothing:

    This level of expectation is why Liverpool are getting flak.
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    Ashley young is a dick & I'm a united fan... I really wanted to see us beat them.... without penalties now the team is gonna lay back.
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    That was a dive worse than what you see in the Clásico's.
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    Also it was a penalty, there was enough contact there, but young did make the most of it.
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    (Original post by JackAVFC)
    And this is how Man U cheats its way to the league title.

    It was a definate penalty, i dont see how that can be disputed there was obvious definite contact, he just was over theatrical.

    But ofcourse, all ignore the actual contact which makes it a penalty.

    Oh and United are still top of the table, and even higher up, when all the 'right decisions' were made. So go bore yourself elsewhere.


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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