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15/4/12 - Manchester United vs Aston Villa

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    Ashley Young- what a scummy footballer.

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    Young is a diver and us United fans do acknowledge that however, that does not negate the fact that we deserve to be on top of the PL.
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    Young really is a pathetic man.
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    (Original post by modini)
    Nah, we could've if we'd won against Wigan earlier in the week. I think we can still match it though (correct me if I'm wrong).
    Just found out that even if you win all of your remaining games you'll still fall 1 point short. Chelsea have the record with 95 points in 04/05.
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    ****in ell' can't no one hit a shot with their left foot?

    Get NANI on.
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    Oh crap
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    :coma: what a goal that would have been
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    (Original post by mau5)
    Yeah, I was just looking for a replay. Looks like the Ronaldo technique for winning fouls. Not a penalty, but based what the ref sees in real time, he's going to give it.
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    What did Rio do?
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    (Original post by mau5)

    I'm inclined to agree with my Taylor I must say. That really was starfish-esque.
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    (Original post by Tsunami2011)
    That's in slow motion, so is slightly misleading. Think how fast the game is moving, if you're moving that quick, a touch like that may make you go down.

    I'm not defending Young, just saying it wasn't a dive.

    It's a CLEAR dive.
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    Actually slo mo it looks like even less contact if that's even possible :lolwut:
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    No idea how a second hasnt gone in yet
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    United are so bad at getting the killer second goal
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    Given :adore:
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    looks like young stood on the other guy or is it just me?
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    Rafael and Valencia make such a good combination on the right for United. Valencia always tracks back and Rafael always gets forward, so it makes a good team.
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    rafael :sexface:

    edit: this is pissing me off where all over them and not a second goal.
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    (Original post by TheInvincibles14)
    Just found out that even if you win all of your remaining games you'll still fall 1 point short. Chelsea have the record with 95 points in 04/05.
    Ah yeh that's right.
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    better look at it.


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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