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15/4/12 - Manchester United vs Aston Villa

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    I'm not quite sure whether Valencia was giving the ball away to a fan in row Z or it was a shot...
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    love how valencia just gets up.
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    (Original post by Darth Vader 7)
    better look at it.
    this gif really pisses me off, since when did young become a diver?
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    (Original post by Darth Vader 7)
    better look at it.
    The Villa defender attempts to get out of the way but Young forces himself into him. Hope Young develops a reputation like Suarez, disgraceful dive.
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    (Original post by Darth Vader 7)
    better look at it.
    That makes the dive even more ridiculous.
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    Rooneys passing is ruining so many chances.
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    (Original post by Zayne101)
    this gif really pisses me off, since when did young become a diver?
    He's always been a diver. he was the most 'fouled' player in the league last year.
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    (Original post by modini)
    Nah, we could've if we'd won against Wigan earlier in the week. I think we can still match it though (correct me if I'm wrong).
    I believe that 95 is the highest, but United can only get to 94.
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    (Original post by Dubstarr)
    ****in diving ****. **** off young you scrawny ****, give us a bad name.

    And people hate Nani for diving? WTF
    :lolwut:, giving you a bad name?

    as if it was any better before young came your club :facepalm: - rooney, ronaldo, ....
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    Need some passing lessons from Arsenal tbh.
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    Yuss. Needed that 2nd goal.
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    That was a **** cross..
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    Great play by Evra and Carrick there.
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    Dunno how that got through to Welbeck.
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    About time, poor defending by Villa. Hopefully we get a couple more in the second half.
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    What the actual **** is Agbonlahor doing out there.
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    great goal from welbeck i didn't except him to reach it.
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    (Original post by Colbert)
    What the actual **** is Agbonlahor doing out there.
    Defending :p:
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    United need to put Villa to the sword. More goals could be vital if you look at City's goal difference.
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    (Original post by mau5)

    It was more a case of Young making moving himself towards the defender's leg and causing the collison than the other way round.


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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