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What are you ACTUALLY good at?

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    (Original post by brittanna)
    Haha, I beat you to it :woo:. Although yours was slightly more detailed than mine.
    Aha, yeah I saw yours after. Damn you! Great minds think alike though, I suppose.

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    I'm good at my job. In fact, it's one of the few things I am very confident in my abilities in.
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    (Original post by resentment.)
    it's not really in the autumn, more so before, but sort of yeah.
    i doubt ill be given a contract seeing as my development's been halted for the past 2 years with really bad health.
    Good luck, hope it works well for you
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    (Original post by This Honest)
    I don't know if it's good or not but it's 88,748
    I'm very good online though, fancy a game? :smug:

    temple run is 4.3M, sucks compared to the rest :sad:

    How about your scores in DJ and TR
    Dammit, beat me by 10,000 in DJ
    Yeah okay, how do we play? :')

    4.3million in Temple Run sucks?! Well the most I can get is 300k so I'm no competition :')

    (Original post by Reform)
    Crazy right?! my maximum is like 300k.
    Same here
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    Eating (no joke, I amaze people with how much I can eat), cleaning, not disliking people that most others find annoying (this is a serious talent!), writing quickly and note taking.
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    You will find out things you're good at as you get older, it doesn't have to be academic things. Could be making money, being a parent, cooking, teaching, designing, being empathetic with people - helping them, understanding them, making them feel welcome, and this will reflect in your future job!

    I like to think I'm good at being empathetic, drawing and taking arty photos and organising things - birthdays, nights out, changing room redecoration (I'm secretary of my rowing club and have done these things).
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    I have pondered this very same thing before and came to the conclusion that I was not significantly good at anything. However, over the last few months it hit me. The area where I excel where others don't is having self-belief.

    Basically, I am good at getting myself back-up from failure, I do it time and time again and that is what I am good at. I am not so sure that it is a talent as such.

    It is a bit depressing mind, not being able to excel at anything productive.
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    Actually quite creative at designy stuff, especially for rooms and spaces. I'm just totally awful at drawing, but I can come up with really pretty ideas in my head or on Sims....

    Great at making chili and good at most foods. My pastry isn't great though *sad*
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    (Original post by Metamorphism)
    Define Excel?
    not Microsoft Excel.
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    Art, guitar and using words people don't undergrope.
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    I'm really only good at baking to be honest.
    I've decided that if in about 20-30 years or so, if I have a mid life crisis and want to change everything completely, I'll open up my own shop.
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    Subjects that I enjoy e.g. physics or maths.
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    (Original post by J10)
    Feels horrible, right?...
    Yeah, it does :console: But tbh, most of the time you can't just excel at something without any effort. You should work at that one thing you say you're okay at until you do excel at it! That's how talents are born

    They say good things come to those who wait, but I think that's rubbish most of the time.
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    (Original post by J10)
    Good luck, hope it works well for you
    thanks very much, the thought of it makes me stressed.
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    Angry birds
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    Analysing (whatsoever - politics, history, behaviour, situations in everyday life ...)
    Writing (journalism)
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    (Original post by lsaul95)
    Dammit, beat me by 10,000 in DJ
    Yeah okay, how do we play? :')

    4.3million in Temple Run sucks?! Well the most I can get is 300k so I'm no competition :')

    Same here
    Go on gamecentre and add: Ivory Cake
    then I can send you a game invite
    well 4.3m compared to most people on tsr and school is below average. 300k can be easily achieved if you use the special powers :yep:
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    Finding the negatives in almost everything, unfortunately.

    and being creative/designing perhaps.
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    Anything I think I'm good at, there's an Asian kid better than me at it. Even though I'm Chinese anyway.


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