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What are you ACTUALLY good at?

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    Daydreaming, of course.
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    Discovering historical inaccuracies at Renaissance Fairs. Big Bang Theory FTW.
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    I like to think i'm good at 3/4 of my subjects; Chemistry, biology and geography. Maths isn't really as good :laugh:.

    I've been told i'm a good cook... I enjoy making greek, spanish and chinese food
    Painting with water colours and creative writing.
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    Er... I'm a programmer and a drummer. I guess two social extremes add up to make a fairly neutral person.
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    Procrastinating :sigh:
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    Drawing. Sleeping. Cooking.

    I'm often told I'm amazing at not worrying about anything and not stressing out, but I personally just think I'm too lazy to bother with all that. :lol: It's true.
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    Being pedantic, belittling people, arguing, standing my ground, music, writing, making people laugh, sex, looking after animals, fixing computers and analysing.

    Just a small list there.
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    Sports, organising things, writing essays, riding horses, being a loyal friend and teaching people. Not necessarily all at once...
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    Personally, the creative subjests - humanities and so on. I did art GCSE but it took up an incredible amount of time. If you like history or english, then I'd suggest taking up politics. How about RS? - Try philosophy! Good luck!
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    Wii Fit Rythym Kung Fu
    Wii Sports Boxing

    Providing basic medical care, caring for disabled people and caring for elderly/very young. Basically good at caring and helping.
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    Temple Run. In the 10 mil club oh yeah baby!
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    Of all the talents I could have been given....archery.
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    Memorising things.
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    I have a really good memory, I'm good at languages, and not too shabby at writing
    But most of all: procrastinating.
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    History, languages, procastinating, essay-writing
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    That's a good questions. What am I good at.

    Hmm being lazy. Sleeping. Thinking.
    Avoiding doing work.

    Ahh when I saw 'what are you good at' these answers aren't the first thing that came into my head. But I decided to keep it clean lol.
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    Being mediocre.
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    (Original post by StartSomething)
    That's a good questions. What am I good at.

    Hmm being lazy. Sleeping. Thinking.
    Avoiding doing work.

    Ahh when I saw 'what are you good at' these answers aren't the first thing that came into my head. But I decided to keep it clean lol.


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Updated: August 14, 2012
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