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What are you ACTUALLY good at?

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    I'm going to have to go with 'blowjobs' also.
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    Writing stories. Banter. Reading. Laughing at politicians. Going in goal. Doing my own thing. Crying at every show of fictional emotion. Posting on TSR. Procrastinating. Eating too much chocolate. Correcting teachers.

    <3 x

    EDIT: Why the neg?!
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    (Original post by johnharris19944)
    Anyone who doesnt cry at the scene in UP with the old man has no soul i tell you!
    Like, you're the only person with a soul then >.>
    there must be too many dementors.
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    My talent lies in receiving blowjobs. Just saying.

    That, and politics, international relations, the arts and some other stuff...
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    (Original post by AtomSmasher)
    This is completely off topic but you have the most amazing avatar I've ever seen. :sexface:
    Perhaps I could say that I'm good at photoshopping and making gifs and avatars of giant sexfaces too then. :sexface:
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    (Original post by SJC)
    Like, you're the only person with a soul then >.>
    there must be too many dementors.
    aha yeah. Or i could just be to over emotional
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    Politics, English, Reading (didn't take politics and english unfortunately). FPS Shooters (sadly) Chemistry in general (took it also), Bikeriding and Cooking to be fair. dabble in martial arts but i don't excel at it.
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    (Original post by johnharris19944)
    aha yeah. Or i could just be to over emotional
    :| You've just clearly killed my theory. :eek:
    Well erm, I'm sure your GP can prescribe you something xD
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    - Guitar (Intermediate)
    - Singing (Idk where i stand here because i only took two or three professional lessons but I do find songs like Rolling In The Deep easy. I actually use Rolling In The Deep to warm up my voice.)
    - Cooking
    - Creative writing (Am currently writing a book)
    - Reading people. I'm very, very in touch with my mind and emotions to an abnormal level. I'm not afraid to be brutally honest about myself or anyone else which makes it easy for me to analyse other people and figure out their motives
    - Giving advice and guiding people - I'm the friend who everyone goes to but doesn't have anyone to go to
    - Research! In most cases I find the answers that others can't
    - Working well underpressure...in most cases
    - According to my friends I'm a natural flirt and I have a seductive voice so I can successfully flirt unintentionally lol. I find it hard to believe and it doesn't really affect me but I suppose it could come in handy one day :dontknow:

    Wow. This has been eye opening. :lolwut:
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    Guitar Hero, science and making people laugh. I'd say those are the main three really. I also make a really good omelette.
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    Writing (sometimes), completely missing the point of everything and balance sports.
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    (Original post by aliluvschoc)
    Perhaps I could say that I'm good at photoshopping and making gifs and avatars of giant sexfaces too then. :sexface:
    To be fair the eyebrows are a bit bushy, but that just makes it more whimsical.
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    I excel at coming out with the most awkward lines at inappropriate times, I enjoy art dunno if i'm actually any good,using fancy words just because I like the way they sound, looking after people, smiling and attempting to make people laugh and make really long intricate lists of plans
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    Indoor champion at table tennis

    So table tennis really

    everything else is good-mediocre
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    Wasting time...and its really not something I'm proud of
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    I like to think I'm pretty good at art. However, this is often disproven. Oh well! #unsustainablecareerchoices woooooooooo
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    (Original post by ellathecat)
    I am very good at languages, being late to school (this is official), customer service, eating, laughing, watching tv, drinking tea, selling peas, smiling, travelling, listening to music, doing nothing at all on the computer whilst convincing yourself you're doing something deadly important, staying up late, being optimistic, and enjoying life. Yay!
    Selling peas?
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    Well, I THINK I'm pretty good at some video games :blush:
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    I'm good at sciences (especially chemistry) and languages, exams and my long term memory is really good too.

    However I have to say I excel mostly in clumsiness (dropping things) and gullibleness!
    My supervisor in work thinks that I also have excellent customer service which is a huge compliment.
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    (Original post by J10)
    Hello. I was just having a conversation with my dad about my sixth form and future plans. I told him that I NEED to do well in the next year and a half, otherwise I'd just be wasting myself on a subject I'm ok at and enjoy.

    Then I it somehow came to me that I'm ONLY ok(not good) at that one thing... I don't really excel in anything else. It depressed me...

    In short, I'm wondering what/how many things people are good and excel at.
    It can be anything; from the stative things to the dynamic things.

    So, what are YOU actually good at?



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