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North Korea launches rocket.

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    North Korea has launched a long-range rocket, according to South Korea's defence ministry.

    The planned launch has been widely condemned by the international community, which has accused North Korea of trying to develop its military technology.

    Pyongyang says that the rocket will peacefully advance its space programme.

    Japan and South Korea have warned that they will shoot the rocket down if it enters their territory.

    South Korean Defence Ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok told reporters that the rocket has been fired at 07:39 local time (22:39 GMT).

    A United States official told the Reuters news agency it was "confirming the rocket launched".

    UPDATE: Apparently it broke apart shortly after takeoff.
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    (Original post by G8D)
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ****.

    I get the feeling this development will end up far more boring than some expect it to be.
    Yep. US officials are apparently saying it broke up shortly after takeoff.
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    North Korea will struggle to lie about the success of this rocket if it has broken up. If i remember correctly, they tried to send a satellite into space a while back and it failed to leave the atmosphere. They then proceeded to celebrate the succcess of their satellite and told their people that it was orbiting the Earth. :hmmm:

    This rocket launch is supposed to confirm to their people that they are a strong and prosperous nation and that Kim Jong-Un is a great leader. Failure will not be welcome
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    Wahey they finally launched a long range rocket. They just entered the 50s.
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    'Peacefully advance its space programme.'

    Bit vague... Which is never good.
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    (Original post by sexbo)
    Wahey they finally launched a long range rocket. They just entered the 50s.
    Seems it failed. I guess this puts them in the 40's
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    Seems it failed. I guess this puts them in the 40's
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    Talk about hype. North Korea being a threat? Maybe 50 years ago. Not today. Just let the nation try to make its scientific advance. They will inevitably fail.
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    Will North Korea deny the rocket failure? It seems like the sort of thing that they would do and the people would probably believe it.
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    (Original post by notnek)
    Will North Korea deny the rocket failure? It seems like the sort of thing that they would do and the people would probably believe it.
    The issue is that foreign journalists were permitted to view the launch. I think that there will be a duality of interpretations coming out of the North Korean government - one tailored for foreigners, which will be much more candid; and another tailored for the North Korean population, which will be much more sugar-coated, perhaps even plain falsified.
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    Rocket raunch is wunnerfu success. Dear Reader is smiling down on grayful nation.
    Enemies spread evil rumour and ries about grorious raunch.
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    North Korea has confirmed the failure.

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    (Original post by notnek)
    North Korea has confirmed the failure.

    Awk, I was hoping for some good old, funny North Korean spin.
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    I wouldn't expect anything more from a rocket made of duck tape.
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    US control centre


    Russian control centre


    NK control centre


    I think we can safely conclude that the North Koreans had a serious hope of getting this thing in to space.
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    All of which prompted David Cameron to announce an immediate increase in North Korea's aid budget saying "It's vital we maintain trade links across the world. We trade more with North Korea than the Isle of Wight and Bressay in the Shetlands put together. Plus we're putting in a bid to sell them an aircraft carrier."

    DFID said its internal review found no suggestion of any misuse of funds and was sure the North Korean government would act responsibly.

    You think I'm joking? Read some of the rationale for spending £billions of UK taxpayers money on nuclear states and countries with space programmes like including China, Russia, India, Pakistan...

    I was going to add what a bunch of stupid Mongoloids the leadership were, just to catch out idiots who didn't know that Mongoloid describes one of the three races, not a medical condition. But the kind of people who'd think that are SOOO stupid they'd have hit the "rate down" button before they even read past the end of the word....
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    This is actually embarrassing.
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    What "should" have happened
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    Aren't the majority of the NK people too hungry to care?


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