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American Idol

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    A thread for anyone who watches American Idol! Watching the results show now, what did you think about last night?

    Joshua Ledet was on point.
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    Agreed, he has been for the past few weeks

    I absolutely love American Idol. I think the standard and talent this year is so high! Although she isn't my favourite, I thought Elise was fantastic at You and I and I really liked her duet this week with Phillip. I think Jessica is a fantastic singer but I don't feel I know who she is as an artist. I thought she sounded really flat/off key when she was singing Stronger with Hollie and Joshua!! Joshua, Phillip and Colton are my three favourites, but I have to say the last few weeks Joshua has topped them. Loved his performances of "When a man loves a woman" and "Without you." He's very similar to Jacob Lusk from last year...but better. :love:

    I haven't watched the result show yet (its on tonight in the UK) so don't spoil the surprise! :shh: :p:
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    Lucky, as I was just about to comment on the "shocking" outcome, but I'll give you a few hours to catch up (though I'm surprised you haven't seen it online.)

    I just watched it tonight. That was definitely a shocker! :eek: I was convinced that it would've been Hollie who was definitely in the bottom 3 because Jessica had done so well and got great comments. Not that I was that bothered as I'm not a huge fan of Jessica, although she can sing, but I really don't want her to win!!

    I am watching the performances and results show tomorrow, but it was an impossible task of trying not to find out who got sent home (or who didn't in this case ).

    Coming into the finals, Phillip and Colton were my favourite. However, my new favourite (alongside Colton) is Jessica Sanchez. She really is brilliant, easily the best vocalist; and the most versatile. I think she has the potential to be an all-time great. She really is that good.

    I was shocked when I heard she was up for elimination; only to be saved by the judges. Personally, I think America thought she was safe and voted for some of the other acts, thinking it would be okay.

    I want Jessica to win! And Colton to reach the final.


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Updated: April 14, 2012
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