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What do YOU do when you see a spider in your room?

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    (Original post by Kallisto)
    And then a spider, which is scrambling on a wall, falls down into your sandwich what would you do? eating a sandwich which smacked on spider? :laugh:
    i meant make a sandwich using the spider as a filling? haha :P
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    Smash it till its a flattened mess with my slippers.
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    Drag the cat in and have him chase it down.
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    literally JUST found a spider in my room, it was caught up in my pile of clothes on the floor guess that teaches me that i should hang my clothes up after i wear them! anyway, i just yelled for my dad to come and get it out :P
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    Freak out, then try and get someone to get rid of it. (I can't even bring myself to trap them!) Failing that, throwing heavy objects at it. I find the Encyclopedia is usually a strong candidate.
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    I pick up the cat and put him/her next to the spider so they become interested when it moves, I try to encourage them to 'GET IT' but it usually ends with them rolling onto the floor and the spider escaping to some dark crevice somewhere in the room.......my cats obviously don't love me enough
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    Demand my mother or father to protect me.
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    I set my cat on it, or put a glass over the top and get someone else to get rid of it.
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    If it's a small one I ignore it. If it's a big one I yell for my sis to get rid of it.
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    Pray for my life to every god ever conceived.

    Seriously though, I really don't like spiders. People say they're harmless but I've had really bad spider bites at least 4 times; they're all hard and painful and last for weeks.
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    Sit in a corner watching its every move and cry when i take my eyes off it for a second, and realise it's scuttled away :cry2:
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    (Original post by satisfactionatlast)
    (...) Does it make sense now?
    Yes, it makes. Thank you for answer. I agree with you. That's disgusting.
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    I once killed a medium-sized spider with my slipper after staring at it in abject fear for a long while, gathering enough courage I then went absolutely ape **** on its freaky looking ass, thus breaking my finger. True story...
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    British spiders are nothing compared to Australian spiders

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cwglt081220-aussie-spider.jpg 
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    I'm not scared of spiders myself don't get why people are so scared, they can't hurt you and they're not hard to kill.

    Now if I opened the door of my house and a tiger was sitting there then I would be scared but over a silly bug. People in the UK need to man up, in China they eat them.
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    I agree with u, I be seen that a lot of people are scared of spider. It's fun.

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    I kill it if I'm going to be going to sleep, otherwise I leave it.

    I don't like bugs in my room when I'm about to sleep.
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    Give it a name and a home
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    Well, I've slept on the sofa a few nights this week due to a massive spider running across my bed then out of sight. Urgh.

    If I can kill it, I usually will. I used to try to capture them and put them outside, but I usually failed (even with the paper and cup technique) because I'd panic if it moved then I'd accidentally knock some legs off with the cup. It's probably more humane for me to just kill them.
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    I was just in a confined area with hundreds of spiders around me... I was freaking out a tiny bit since most looked like black widows. I took one photo.

    ^Is this an actual black widow or a look-alike? Most of the ones I saw looked blacker than this one...
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    Start to sing;~

    Spiderman, Spiderman,
    Does whatever a spider can


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