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What do YOU do when you see a spider in your room?

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    Wrap my fist in paper and punch it, then unwrap the paper, wrap the spider corpse in it and bin it. I hate the little bastards. This one time I caught one in a glass, put it in a tin of Celebrations and gave it to my mum. She wasn't impressed.
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    If it's a big one that moves - run out of room, attempt to kill it as cautiously as possible when I re-enter.
    If it's a small one thats chilling in a web - go back to sleep.
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    Well my mum is normally just as scared as me....so my little brother (who is 10) ends up killing it for us
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    If it's a small or mediumish one I'll just pick it up and take it outside.

    If it's a big one with long legs I freak out, run away and make my parents rescue it.
    They aren't allowed to kill it though, it hasn't done anything wrong
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    I just ignore them, had one in my room for the last two weeks and I've become quite fond of it :h:
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    Panic attack!
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    I make sure his humidity's okay and that he has enough water in his bowl. His name's Anansi and he's a Mexican Fire Leg.
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    catch it in my hands and put it outside under a bush or somewhere nice where it can live.
    I'm pathetically soft when it comes to animals. Couldn't kill it!
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    Run around flailing and squealing like a little girl, then calmly put it in a cup and chuck out of the back door.
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    The other night I rolled over in bed and there was one crawling up the wall. :afraid:

    I sorted it out with some tissue. I used to try to move them out with a glass and piece of cardboard, but I'd often end up panicking if it moved and end up taking of a leg or something. I feel less guilty if I kill it quickly than if I end up injuring it.
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    Trap it with a cup and then get family member to remove it (although usually they won't), then I have to do the old piece of paper under the cup and chuck it out the window. If it escapes before I can trap it though I won't sleep in my room..
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    I adjust my monocle, he doffs his top hat and we continue about our business :holmes:
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    Have my boyfriend remove it, it's his bedroom as well as mine! I keep finding small spiders in our room though that vanish, and then a few months later return much much bigger
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    I shout my mum to get the fly killer and wait until it drops off the wall then stamp on it and put it in the bin
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    I usually try reasoning with it to begin with, and tell it that if would be better for both of us if it left. It usually ignores me, so I take it outside on a magazine or something. If it doesn't want to go, I drown it in the sink.
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    Thank you London Zoo for destroying my arachnophobia. If it's somewhere reachable, glass (for big ones) or tissue (for little ones) and out the window. Far away, don't bother trying to get it.

    (Original post by HSG1992)
    Rather appropriate rebuttal:

    That is adorable! Repped for adorableness!
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    (Original post by Multitalented me)
    Scream my head off & get mummy to remove it :cool: I know I'm a 20 year old man but oh well
    haha the thought of a twenty year old man screaming 'mummy' made me laugh
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    I don't do anything... I just let it roam free. The spiders in my room hunt the woodlice in my room, and since there are more woodlice than spiders then they're all right in my mind.
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    Well I actually had to psych myself up for opening this thread because I could see there were attachments :afraid:

    I don't know what I would do. Definitely scream and run out of the room. Probably would have to go and ask the neighbours to get rid of it for me. Even then I'd probably sleep on the sofa just in case. I'm absolutely terrified of the things.

    My Mum had a spider remover, that was like a long tube with a little vacuum that you use to suck them into the tube, hold it out the window and turn off the vaccum so they fall out. I couldn't use it, because I can't even stand to be in the same room


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Updated: September 8, 2012
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