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What do YOU do when you see a spider in your room?

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    Eat it

    I'm joking
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    Jump on a chair and scream like a little bitch

    (unless it's a little hopping zebra spider, in which case: pop it in a jar and keep it as a pet on my desk, feeding it the odd midge)

    In other news: I've held a tarantula in the past, was soft, bit like holding a hamster o suttin
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    If there is anyone in my house (conscious) then I get them to get rid of it for me. If not, like a little while ago when I rolled over in bed and saw a massive one on the pillow next to me, I take a pillow and a book downstairs with me and sleep on the couch.
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    I leave it be unless it's close to my bed.
    A huge one joined me under the covers once, I felt it crawling around my neck, screamed, and trapped it with one of my candles and a card. Then I turned the candle upside down and left it trapped there to think about what it had done until the morning, when I had planned to release it. Unfortunately, when I woke up, the candle had fallen down from the top of the glass and squashed it. Shame.
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    (Original post by Bellissima)

    then throw various objects at it until it dies.

    no i'm not proud of myself
    I love your honesty.
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    (Original post by HSG1992)
    Rather appropriate rebuttal:

    Ahaha! Even as an aracnophobe, I find that cute.

    I'm too suspicious to hurt them. What if there's a spider karma... I swear all of my friend who are brutal to spiders and kill them have had so many spiders nests by their bed. So I sleep somewhere else, avoid my room for a bit and get someone to help me clean it out after a few days to make sure the spideys have gone.
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    usually freeze in fear and stay frozen, just staring at the spider, until someone comes and kills it for me (usually my mum...)

    although once i did spray a spider with hairspray and then throw a shoe at it. it seemed dead...but then it TWITCHED! in a blind panic, i grabbed the shoe and hit it multiple times...im pretty sure it died...after that....
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    Give it a name and ask it not to crawl upon me whilst I sleep. Spiders saved me the day 5 wasps were in my room at half 6 in the morning one summer they are my friends.

    I follow a simple rule with insects- don't touch me and I won't touch you, apart from wasps which were clearly sent from Hellmouth itself.
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    Have a heart attack, run half way down the stairs then end up falling, stumbling or rolling the rest of the way because I go too, too fast. If I fall into the shoe rack near the bottom of my stairs my heart palpitates more vigorously at the thought of there being spiders near it and I start having an anxiety attack (or if it's already started then it gets worse) and I can start shaking intentionally to get the spider off me because I make myself believe that there is one (or 10) on myself or I shake unintentionally because of the fear/anxiety attack. While all of that is happening I run to the closest person to me who isn't scared of spiders (usually mum if she's home) and force them to stop doing what they're doing so they take that bitch out. I mean outside, not kill them :innocent:

    If I'm home alone then I resist going into my room my parents (or brother) come home so they can take it out.

    I think I might have arachnophobia.

    I remember a couple weeks ago I was feeling like a badass and thought it would be funny to Google images of spiders because I wanted to know what my reaction would be. When the pictures came up I had the biggest anxiety attack of my life, felt like I was gonna puke, threw my laptop to the other side of my bed, I could not touch it. I had to ask my sister to close the page. It wasn't pretty.
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    Cry a little bit, then crush it to death with a big dictionary, while shouting things like "die you bastard!!"
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    Cry, and run and get someone to take it outside. If I'm totally on my own, I'll usually cover it with a big glass and wait for someone else to deal with it.
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    If it's a small to medium sized one: "Oh look, its a spider! I shall ignore it and plod along"

    Medium to large: "Oh look, its a big spider! I'll be careful so it doesn't eat me"

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    Kill it or if I'm too frightened get my mam too kill it.I also kill or get my mam to kill every pest that ever appears in the house-sometimes they get away.These creatures should be put in prison for trespassing-if humans entered the house,who weren't allowed,they would be arrested:confused:
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    i point my laser at it and pretend its a lightsaber..
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    Either chuck it outside or squish it. (depending on how much of a mess squishing it will make)
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    Call my mum or dad to deal with it I absolutely hate spiders *shivers*
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    Depending on size, my reaction can be anywhere between picking it up with a tissue/bit of card and completely losing my s***.
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    If it's a small one, one of my lizards will get it sooner or later.

    If it's a big one, it's one of my pet tarantulas.
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    Do nothing as usually they're just passing through. But if it's just sitting there on the carpet then I 'chase' them into a corner and they'll retreat inside the walls of the house, or under the floor. Literally and figuratively sweeping it under the carpet.
    This is of course, for small spiders that we have in this country - a few of the larger ones can bite but it's nothing harmful. If it were a tarantula or something genuinely dangerous, I suspect my reaction would be "oh my god - kill it with fire!"
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    Leave it be.


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Updated: September 8, 2012
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