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songs to listen to while revising

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    hello, please could you all tell me which songs you listen to while revising thanks.
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    I just listen to songs I like, as long as its not on too loudly.
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    (Original post by muf_mur)
    hello, please could you all tell me which songs you listen to while revising thanks.
    depends but i usually listen to songs like "David Tavaré - Call Me Baby (If You Don't Know My Name)".. usually i study at night and these songs (plus coffee) keeps me awake and i enjoy studying like that
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    I find all music distracting so I don't usually listen to anything. If I do put something on it is usually classical music, my favourite is adagio in G minor.
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    Anything without lyrics is good for me. :yy: Otherwise I end up writing the words down instead of my work. :laugh: Sigur Ros or Rodrigo y Gabriela work well for me!
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    (Original post by muf_mur)
    hello, please could you all tell me which songs you listen to while revising thanks.
    ambient music is the way forward. Lyrics are distracting, and if it is too catchy it is distracting, and if it is too loud it is distracting.

    My favourite's are: A winged victory for the sullen, lovesliescrushing's bloweyelashwish, Slowdive's pygmalion, anything by Tim Hecker.

    Atmopsheric black metal is good as well, such as autumn aurora by drudkh, or hvis lyset tar oss by Burzum.
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    I just listen to the heaviest **** I can find
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    Classical music.
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    I've been listening to this.
    I like to think it motivates me somehow.
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    I listen to a lot of jazz. It's relaxing

    and I listen to the Weeknd from time to time.
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    Normally I prefer to listen to songs without lyrics, but I've recently that the Dark Side of the Moon album really helps my concentration
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    Everyone obviously listens to Justin Beiber... Oh wait..
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    I agree that lyrics are distracting. I like Bach's cello suites, Holst's planet suites, the Harry Potter soundtracks, or my personal favourite, the soundtrack from The Social Network:

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    I usually listen to classical music, or chill-out music. There are loads of playlists on youtube.
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    Hans Zimmer :sexface:

    No lyrics, but it's not really chilled out or anything which gets me working. I often end up typing to the beat of the music though :awesome:
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    Found this yesterday and it's near perfection.
    Although maybe that's because I get a little too excited when I hear the Harry Potter soundtrack in anything :rolleyes:
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    Classical stuff, instrumentals, OST's - music that lacks vocals. I always get distracted with vocals.

    The only song that got me through my GCSEs was Estasi Dell Anima from Zombieland

    You should also check out 8tracks
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    I listen to Coldplay when I am revising
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    Acoustic-y stuff mostly. If there's an acoustic cover of a song I like, I'll put that on in the background. I really dislike working in complete silence - it's weirdly distracting.


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