Student Finance Email Address?

    Hi Guys,

    Just had my student application come through today. It's £1.5k worse off than last year.

    As i'm in my final year, i'm aware it's not going to be as much as the first year. But a £1.5k difference seems a bit of a joke?

    My maintenance loan has reduced from £4,500 to £3,500.
    My maintenance grant is no longer available ?!
    And i now have to pay £500 for tuition fees.

    The last year of university is the most important. I don't want to have to spend more time at work?!

    Does SF have any email addresses to contact? I hate using it's phone system on my mobile. It costs a fortune and the signal is terrible.

    /rant over.

    The fact you are being told you have to pay £500 toward tuition fees would indicate something has gone wrong with your application.

    There is no email address contact, it's either the phone or snail mail I'm afraid.

    How about the 1.5k difference. Is that normal for a last year student?

    It would depend on how much your household income has changed by - but if it's not changed at all then it seems like a bigger drop than usual.

    Turns out it was because my sponsor had yet to send her details. Waited 20 minutes for a 2 minute call that probably cost me about £4! Hey Ho!


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: April 13, 2012

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