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Favourite Drake Quote?

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    Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it. I'm just doin me and you can never understand it.

    (Original post by dslc)
    "25 sittin on 25 mill" - inspirational.
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    "25 sittin on 25 mill" - inspirational.
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    (Original post by dslc)
    "25 sittin on 25 mill" - inspirational.
    I effing love you for that, that shi going on my wall.
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    "my 15 mins of fame started an hour ago"
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    I'm the ****ing man. Ya'll don't get do ya?
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    "I am going to jump off a cliff"
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    im so im so im so proud of youuuuu..................
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    lyric lol (above)
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    Drop the mixtape that **** sounded like a album
    Who'da thought a country wide tour'd be the outcome
    Labels want my name beside the X like Malcolm
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    I'm the ****ing best!

    Best I ever had.
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    My motto is: Chicago, *****
    Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is
    Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it
    Son of a *****, I imagine what your father is
    She said, “How you make your opponent, the rapper of the moment?”
    His style, he don’t own it
    Acting all hard when he hardly like that
    You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that, ooooh
    Don’t do it
    ‘Cause every song you make Joe is really hoe music
    I heard you said you wasn’t a ***** because you sing
    You a ***** because you cling like a ***** that’s eighteen
    Can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife
    You so black and white, tryna to live a nigga’s life
    I’m taking too long with this amateur guy
    You ain’t wet nobody, *****, you Canada dry

    Common ftw.
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    If I'm being serious: "I guess you win some you lose some, as long as the outcome is income."


    "I don't ever play but I'm in the game, lady, they just lose to love those are tennis games lady."
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    Quack quack quack

    But it doesn't echo.

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    (Original post by georgegabriel)
    I guess you win some you lose some, as long as the outcome is income.

    love that.
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    You've got that **** that somebody will look for, but won't find.
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    "I live for nights that I can't remember, with the people that I wont forget. Spending all this money I just worked my ass of for doin' things that I won't regret" -Show Me A Good Time
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    (Original post by dslc)
    "25 sittin on 25 mill" - inspirational.
    22 sitting on 22 pounds
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