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Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea, 15 April 2012, 18:00 (FA cup semi-final)

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    What a ****ing farce! Someone please tell me why there isn't goal line technology yet?
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    I knew Chelsea were going to win, but I feel sorry for Tottenham. Another ghost goal because of bloody no goal-line technology. The ref had no idea tbh. And the assistant had even less. Such a shame Tottenham are going to go out this way. Because nobody is going to remember Chelsea winning either, they're going to remember the goal, that should have never been...
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    Another reason for video technology then. Can add to it actually. Never a goal. Never would the linesmen would have saw that
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    **** off Chelsea
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    Is the sound a bit scratchy for anyone else on ITV?
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    its all over tottenham you blew it.
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    (Original post by TM94)
    **** off Chelsea
    How's it Chelsea's fault? The referee made a terrible decision. Now if Chelsea win the game and go further people are going to remember this goal and how it should never have been.
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    (Original post by notnerdylikeyou)
    its all over tottenham you blew it.
    Yeah, maybe they should have given the linesman a clearer view while trying to defend their goal.

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    cracking game
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    2-1, game on! This will be a good and exciting end now for neutrals
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    Will be horrible for spurs if they lose it by one goal.
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    Lol Cech was lucky it was a goal.
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    What a counter!
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    Cech should still be sent off tbph. I really for understand what the questioning is about, poor refereeing again.
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    Bale made that love heart towards me
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    Luiz getting some attention from Eva. :sexface:
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    That's a red.
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    Would have been better for Spurs if they had a penalty with Chelsea on 10 men.
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    Why can't Cech still be sent off? nice goal!!
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    Cech shouldn't still be on the pitch. It's another example of the advantage rule not giving an advantage (I'd rather have a penalty and a red than just a goal).


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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