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Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea, 15 April 2012, 18:00 (FA cup semi-final)

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    Can the ref not send Cech off? would have been red if bale wasn't there though... 2-1
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    (Original post by Isometrix)
    Would have been better for Spurs if they had a penalty with Chelsea on 10 men.
    It should be a goal and a red card. That's the idea of a play on. You accept it's a foul but you let the play carry on.
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    Eva :drool:
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    The red is given for denying a goal scoring opportunity and since Bale scored, the red can't be given.
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    I guess its because he didnt stop a goalscoring oppurtunity as Bale tapped it in, lucky break for Cech
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    (Original post by El Torres)
    It should be a goal and a red card. That's the idea of a play on. You accept it's a foul but you let the play carry on.
    I think this too. This is what should have happened.
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    Don't agree with people saying Cech should still have been sent off.
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    (Original post by Cookidge)
    Yeah, maybe they should have given the linesman a clearer view while trying to defend their goal.

    before you start cursing you nob i know it was MILES of the line.in which bit in my point did i deny that?!:eek::eek::eek:
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    (Original post by Isometrix)
    How's it Chelsea's fault? The referee made a terrible decision. Now if Chelsea win the game and go further people are going to remember this goal and how it should never have been.
    Mata wheeled off in celebration even though he had a clear view and would've known it hadn't crossed. He's duped the ref and is just as bad as rolling around on the floor after a tackle to make it seem worse.
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    "New football rule being trialled at Wembley, the ball only has to go near the goal to be counted, Torres is ecstatic."
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    It's not a red card. Tottenham were stupid for continuing with that advantage (or lack of it). They should've taken the penalty and red card. Much more beneficial situation.
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    Was Bale offside?
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    What's hilarious is that apparently (not seen the replay) Bale was offside for that goal. Which just makes this even more hilarious and embarrassing for the officials.
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    Lennon flattened Cole and Kalou.
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    How was Bale offside wasn't he behind Adebayor when he got fouled?...
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    I thought Bale was behind the ball when Adebayor touched it last :dontknow:

    The goal line decision was just horrific, you don't even need technology for that, he should be able to make a decision that easy by himself. I can sympathise with the goal or penalty and red one because whatever the outcome it doesn't quite seem fair, but the first one...:facepalm2:
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    If Rowan Atkinson had a twitter account, imagine the abuse he would get from Spurs fans. :rofl:
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    Terrible refereeing has marred this game. First Mata's "goal", then a rather dubious decision to not give Cech a card (think at the very least a yellow for what's clearly a foul).

    As a Chelsea fan I have to say it doesn't feel good to be ahead like this...
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    Bale is ****ing merking Bosingwa, making him look like a clown :rofl:
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    (Original post by IWantSomeMushu)
    Don't agree with people saying Cech should still have been sent off.
    Surely the fact a goal came after is irrelevant to the incident?

    If someone denies a goal scoring opportunity by keeping the ball out the net with their hands, but the team is still able to get the rebound and score straight after, the handball is still a red is it not? It should be irrelevant that denying the goal scoring opportunity came before another opportunity straight after.


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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