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    So my mate's brother just posted this video on Youtube. I found it quite sad to be honest.

    What are your feelings?[/B]

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    That some people are so pathetic they will try and manipulate anything someone says into a "racist" comment?

    Both of those people were giving their accounts of what happened in a particular area that was affected by the riots, according to their experience all the people they could see who were rampaging were black, that does not mean they are saying every rioter was black or only black people were rampaging.
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    What do you want us to say? Racism exists and it's wrong? Well no ****.
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    (Original post by Darth Stewie)
    That some people are so pathetic they will try and manipulate anything someone says into a "racist" comment?
    People? Or Kay Burley?
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    I liked the picture of the shocked guy!
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    I found it sad too but it just makes you think that most people are ignorant and judgmental anyway, so it doesn't phase me that they're labeling all the black people in a negative way
    However, I guess you can't blame them because if the majority of them WERE black, people will BOUND to link a race to the mass crime :P [NOT saying that it's an excuse, but sometimes even if they're in the wrong, we've got to be human enough to see where they're coming from] x
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    (Original post by Aack)
    People? Or Kay Burley?
    Think Kay Burleys natural reaction to anything is to try and sensationalize it in any way possible not saying she isn't a person....just if David Icke is right and the world contains lizard people who seek to destroy and enslave us all she would blatantly be one of them.
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    Who are you OP or anyone else to say who ransacked that guy's store?

    If he saw that within the group that attacked his business, the vast majority were black, should he censor himself? Should he actually lie and say that they weren't?
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    Skin colour is the only distinguishing feature if someone has their hoodie up (can't see their eye or hair colour) so it makes sense to mention it as some detail. Yes they are technically wrong in that not all the criminals were black, but anyone with any sense knows they just mean "Most of those I saw were black" rather than "I checked each and every one of them and yes, they were all black".

    The video is responsible for a huge exaggeration too, claiming that those in the video claimed that every single rioter was black, when they were just talking about those who had attacked their property. Arguably that exaggeration's worse, in that the intent is to deliberately mislead by manipulating someone's words rather than include a generalisation that most people will understand.
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    I was simply asking for your opinion guys. Why was I negged? It is not my video.
    I personally thought it was more ignorance than racism but there we go.
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    I don't know about the guy in the video and whether or not he was racist, but I do know that for the first few hours the vast majority, I would say over 90%, that I saw on the TV involved in these activities were black.
    Then as time went by more and more white people were being shown looting.
    There could be several reasons for this but most prominent being-

    1 The black people shown only represented the proportion living in a predominantly black area where the rioting happend to take place.

    2 The Media realised that the first few hours were showing the BEM community in a really bad light and so as not be accused of being racist, were told to censor what was being shown and started holding back images of black people at it, and play up the number of white people at it.

    The proportion of BEM people convicted will tell you if they are disproportionately represented or not.
    I haven't looked up the official stats so I don't know the figures but,
    The evening standard tells us that-

    Four out of ten rioters arrested in London were unemployed and 28 per cent were students.

    55 per cent of rioters charged in London were black or mixed race. For older rioters, today's figures, released by the Ministry of Justice, show that 55 per cent of riot suspects in London were black compared with 32 per cent white and seven per cent Asian

    Nearly one in five rioters in the capital were gang members.

    93 per cent of riot suspects in London have been previously convicted or arrested
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    majority of them were black tho.
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    Black males represent 2.2% of the male population, but 15% of the male prison population.
    It may be because they grow up disproportionately in poor areas with less opportunities, or because they come from a higher proportion of homes without a male role model and therefore are more likely to slip into gang culture ( both of which are true)


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