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Is 20 to old to go to University?

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    I'm currently studying at the University College of Falmouth.
    I love the Uni life, and my friends, but i just don't feel the University is right for me.
    I messed around in my AS year, and managed to push my grades to 240, one being a C in English A level.

    I applied to transfer, and got accepted to Nottingham Trent, but after visiting the Uni, i wasn't too keen and didn't want to risk going to another Uni that didn't feel 'right'. At the moment I'm sitting on 55% pass rate, and i know if i was settled more my essays could be better. Ive applied through UCAS extra to transfer to Plymouth for my course, i visit and go out with students in Plymouth once or twice a month, and have also used the library facilites to do my own studies.
    Only issue is, I don't meet the entry requirements by 20 points, and needed a B in English, although the admissions tutor said they'd still consider me, I'm still concerned.

    With only 240 points, I'm very limited to many English courses, so I'm considering perhaps returning to college next year to resit some exams and push my grades up and apply again. The problem though, I'll be 20 by the time I'll be entering Uni again. Im worried I'll be getting to old for Uni and I'll be surrounded by youngsters.

    I know a lot about Plymouth, even my way round and people there, so i shouldn't have trouble settling, but I don't want to risk going elsewhere through clearing.

    Do people still go Uni when there twenty?
    or if i don't get into Plymouth is it worth holding on in Falmouth and just finishing my degree, although I'm not fully happy/motivated?
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    I'll be 23 when I start at Manchester this September, plenty of people start university in their 20s, or older.
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    ermm not really...here in cyprus if your a male the minimum age to enter a university is 20 due to the 2 years military service! So imagine if someone whant to do a gap year for work or some others who go to 7year grade schools!

    i hope it gave you a little bit of help
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    you're NEVER too old to learn
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    No it's not too old! I was 20 when I started uni.
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    One of my friends was 33, when he started Medicine 6 years ago.
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    People of all ages go to university
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    Nah, I'm starting this September and I will be 24. Just got for it!
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    I'm 31 with four kids, and I cope.
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    Most of people on my course were over 21 when it started.
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    20 is young.
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    Thanks Guys,
    I just think its not worth jumping from Uni to Uni if I really know much about the place or like the place cause ill be in the same situation.
    I've spent ALOT of time in plymouth since Sept so I know I'd be happy there.
    But if that doesn't happen I don't want to waste anymore time/money

    settled my mind a tad!
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    i went at 21 (and i look about 27!).....you'll be fine. The first year can seem like some there are a but immature, but by the time they all reach the second year they're mature i found.
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    Stephen Fry went at 20 after failing A-levels twice and being in prison.

    I think it's a good idea for you take a year out to redo your A levels. You never know, you might get AAA and be able to apply for a much more rigorous university and apply as a mature student.

    Good luck!
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    i'll be twenty when i start my degree, and my boyfriend started his this year at 24. it's no big deal, i doubt anyone would notice the age difference. seems that bothers you more than it'll bother anyone else, you calling people who are only two years younger than you at the most 'youngsters'...
    anyway, i hope you get into your course and the extra year isn't needed, good luck and don't worry about such a small age gap!
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    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    Chirst I'm 20 and about to restart uni (will be 21 when I start)! Stop making me feel old!!!!!
    Very sorry!

    But its cool to see someone in a similar situation at the other end.

    How come you chose to drop out and start again if you don't mind me asking?
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    I was 18 when i started uni but loads of my friends were either 19 or 20. I actually think 19/20 is the normal age when most people start uni.
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    I started my degree at 21! Your be fine at 20 I got friends who are older and completing there degrees starting from mid 30s dont panic about it.
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    Not at all, there's someone in my friendship group in their forties, and a few people who started when they were 21/22.
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    No... But it's getting too old to spell it 'TO old'


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