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(Important) Which is the best browser to use?

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    (Original post by Ras17)
    Aww, I'm sorry - it just made me chuckle, that's all :hugs:
    hahah don't worry you're not the first!
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    (Original post by ugk4life)
    Can some one tell me which is best for watching YouTube and keeping quite a few tabs open at any one time ? Thanks.
    Heh, I think everyone does that?

    I use IE mainly and it works for multiple tabs (gets a bit slow with more obviously), although not too many tabs with YT, maybe 4 or 5.

    Chrome may be better? Or does it depend on the computer.?
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    (Original post by Bellissima)
    mozarilla firefox
    haha 2 cute
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    I like chrome, I was stuck on Firefox for a good while but eventually converted.

    My only issue with it is the default spell check. I don't understand how google, of all companies, can make a spell checker SO bad. It NEVER knows what you mean, and suggests the weirdest further away words when you get one letter wrong. But I can live with that.

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    Google chrome all the wayyyy :d
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    I use Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.
    I have Opera but will only use it when all else fails.
    I still have IE too but I never use that. First thing I did when I got this laptop was install Firefox.
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    Chrome : Memory Usage
    Firefox : Privacy
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    I use Chrome, and because I'm on a Mac, Safari. Chrome is superior imo, it's fast and has all the add-ons/customisation I need. Firefox is excellent too. Safari isn't bad on a Mac (not sure what it's like on Windows) but it used to crash a bit too often for my liking, so I switched to Chrome/Firefox. Chrome hasn't crashed on me yet.
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    Chrome 95% of the time. Its quicker and easier

    Firefox and Explorer the other 5%. Only because there are a few add ons on these that don't seem to work in Chrome.
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    (Original post by TheGrinningSkull)
    Heh, I think everyone does that?

    I use IE mainly and it works for multiple tabs (gets a bit slow with more obviously), although not too many tabs with YT, maybe 4 or 5.

    Chrome may be better? Or does it depend on the computer.?
    Cool ima try out chrome
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    Chrome .I did use Firefox but found that to crash now and again and it had slow loading issues for me.Chrome is brilliant!.
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    Prefer Chrome by far.
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    Haven't tried IE9

    used to be with firefox but the ridiculous amount of add ons I ended up having, made it crash...even when I disabled them

    I have Opera, Chrome and Safari but only really use Safari.

    I just like the top sites feature, and it is fairly minimalist unlike firefox/opera but not too minimalist like chrome, having said that I haven't updated them in a while. But I don't really have a strong preference.
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    just chrome
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    Pretty much sums it ALL up

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    Chrome :yep:

    Although I'm not quite sure why this is classed as important seeing as this question has been asked many times before but hey ho.
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    EDIT: Negger, just so you know, it actually exists. It is like a faster 64 bit variant of Firefox.

    Here's the link: http://waterfoxproject.org/
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    Chrome, Firefox kept crashing on my last PC and it didn't have spell check at the time and I've stuck to Chrome ever since. I also like the lack of buttons for some reason, I just found a lot of the other browsers to look cluttered with stuff I never used.
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    Well I know that Chrome in theory is the fastest however Firefox has much better customization tools and add ons which benefit the browser
    Its interesting to see so many users dismissing Internet Explorer as a browser, in the past I would've agreed with you but the latest IE is actually very promising and performs just as well and in some cases better than the other browsers
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    (Original post by Swadd)
    So tell me, which is your favourite weapon of choice?
    Damn it... You've got this stuck in my head:

    Not that it's necessarily something to complain about

    As for your question, Chrome. Without a doubt.

    Tried 'em all, Chrome is clean, simple, easy to use, fast, attractive etc. What's not to like?!

    Edit: Dammit, why can none of them be embedded?? :mad:


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