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Where do you look when you are walking down the street?

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    I know it sounds like a stupid question but I feel very self-conscious just walking down the street because I don't know where to look. Hopefully I'm not the only one... Do you look at the people or completely avoid looking at them? Both ways can feel uncomfortable to me, eye contact is awkward and forcing myself to not look at the people feels almost rude and is hard to maintain.
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    I look where I'm going. :yep:
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    I look everywhere, except for where I'm going...
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    Straight ahead, generally. I don't like making eye-contact that much, but I don't stare at the floor to avoid it.
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    Women with nice body's.
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    at all the hot guyz
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    Floor or straight ahead, or if I'm looking to buy something in particular then in shop windows.
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    I watch the pavement so I don't step on something nasty I also watch the pavement like a hawk during winter months to avoid slipping on a deathly ice patch..
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    If it's a woman coming towards me: tits
    If it's a man coming towards me: tits
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    This thread discriminates... I perform handstands to everywhere I go, no walking involved.
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    If i am in a busy town or city street on my own, i look dead ahead at where i want to go and try to blank out everyone around me. Not to sound anti-social, but i really dont like being amongst the public.
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    I sometimes get bored and have lots of mini staring contests with people.

    Mainly though, I either look at the pavement or straight through people.
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    Erm, where i'm going
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    *See's someone ahead*
    *Pulls out phone*
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    constantly Looking down at the ground is essentially a result of low self-esteem. So you need to work on that OP.
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    I usually use a broomstick, so when I fly I look out for nasty dementors
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    I look straight ahead and look at people when approaching them unless it's busy, in which case I look over them (I'm quite tall) or past them. I occasionally lower my gaze to see if there's anything on the ground in the distance that needs to be avoided.
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    i look at the ground so i can dodge bird poop/****/litter
    and when i'm multitasking, straight ahead
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    Lol the eye contact can be extremely awkward sometimes i just look at something in the distance

    NOTE do not stare at the floor it just looks stupid and in terms of body language weak and not confident (no offence intended as I use to do that as well)

    Ps. Can my top cat picture be seen lol:confused:
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    straight ahead and not mking eye contact, it feels really awkward when theyre starring at you though!
    the worst is on a tube at rushhour you can look anywhere without staring at someone, i had some rather unpleasant chap go 'oi what you lookin' at mate' to me for it once


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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