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Where do you look when you are walking down the street?

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    I look at people but secretly, I am a ninja of staring at people, burning my souless gaze deep into their faces, they turn to look at me and I casually pretend I was making a side sweep of the area...then I look at them again!
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    Now have Arthur theme tune stuck in my head.
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    *See's someone ahead*
    *Pulls out phone*
    lool this!. Thank god for the mobile phone. Avoided so many awkward situations.

    That reminds me, the real awkward situation is when you see someone you know ahead and you want to say hello to each other. it just gets soo awkward because the closer you get to each other you're thinking should I say hello now so they don't think I'm ignoring them? but if you do it too early they may be too far away to respond/see/hear your hello and ignore you making you look stupid.
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    *See's someone ahead*
    *Pulls out phone*
    Aha! This. Oh so subtle :cool:
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    Straight ahead. I'm told I have brilliant posture and according to my best friend I "walk like a prostitute or like [I] belong on the cat walk". I take this as a compliment because it's her way of saying that I have the utmost confidence in my walking style. I stride even when I have no idea where I'm going!
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    about 10% of the time I make sure that I don't bump into people the other 90% is me scanning the crowd for women in: skintight jeans, leggings, mini-skirts, any tight fitting outfit and tops that show off their cleavage. I like boobs but I also like a nice butt (little wordplay there {I'm a little drunk, I find it quite funny})
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    Hey, I know what girls look at when they walk down the street... me. Oh yeah.

    Hey I've noticed if you look at a girl walking towards you then look away then look back she will not look at you again. I wonder why this is. Are they thinking "he doesn't think i'm very pretty" or "he has no confidence" or "i'm embarrassing him by looking at him". Hmm. I wonder.

    Come to think of it if I look at a girl and she looks away I'd probably not look at her again in case she thought I was being a creepy staring guy. You see it all makes sense once you think it through.
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    Everywhere, I am constantly scanning my surroundings.
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    It depends either the ground or straight ahead.
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    Normally I'm on my phone :lol:
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    my crotch.
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    Usually stare at the people's faces coming towards me and think to myself: 'would I?'. No wonder girls say I creep them out...
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    Street - people's houses, cars, my phone.
    Town - shops, the floor, the distance. I haven't really thought about it.
    If someone's walking towards me I feel so awkward and look at the floor as I go past them.
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    ITT: Lots of

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Usually straight ahead but sometimes at the floor if I see intimidating people in front of me I try to avoid looking at people unless it's a hot girl then I try to check her out a little without getting caught :cool:
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    I've never really thought much about it tbh. I think the best place to focus is over their shoulder because then you're not going out of your way to avoid eye contact and you can see where you're going but you're not staring at them either, you're just sort of looking through them.
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    I scrutinise everyone because I'm paranoid everyone's laughing about my funny walk (I walk like a bobble head apparently).
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    (Original post by cats are cool)
    I know it sounds like a stupid question but I feel very self-conscious just walking down the street because I don't know where to look. Hopefully I'm not the only one... Do you look at the people or completely avoid looking at them? Both ways can feel uncomfortable to me, eye contact is awkward and forcing myself to not look at the people feels almost rude and is hard to maintain.
    i look where i want to go in order not to go where im looking...
    " ME "
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    in the words of jason bourne ''I come in here, and the first thing I'm doing is I'm catching the sightlines and looking for an exit. ''

    thats what i do
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    I try to look ahead but find it hard to stop myself looking at the ground, combination of low esteem and being clumsy enough to trip over every little thing if I'm not looking.


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