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Choosing between Nottingham trent and coventry university!!

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    I've applied for graphic design at nottingham trent and coventry, been accepted by both. I just now need to choose !!!! I just want honest opinions from people who are on, going, know someone on the course or in the uni's. To me they have both good merits I just need that extra push.

    Coventry has a lot of equipment like type press (thingy slipped my mind), laser cutter,4 mac rooms plus a year of work experience, travel programs, and scholarships, language program and free gym membership! (its kinda chavy environment though??? or is it me???) good employment rate.

    Nottingham has a great reputation among businesses, (good for job application??? or does it not matter at all). High employment rate. I would have to buy my own metal types for printer thing...., the departments are open and free to use, the city is sooo great, plus you can freely specialise and learn new things, tutors are really nice (laughed through most of my interview) plus they enter a lot of Competitions!! (its super expensive and far from home though-_-')I need a 2nd (or more) opinion on the matter!?!?!?!

    Also does anyone know which accommodation is best in nottingham trent????

    help X_X ......
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    Don't know about the course specifically, but I was very impressed with Nottingham Trent when I did a postgraduate qualification there. The campus recently had a huge redevelopment so the facilities are great. I think Nottingham is a nice city to live in as well, and it has a pretty good nightlife.
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    Trent University - very good reputation for the creative disciplines.

    Nottingham is much better as city than Coventry as well.
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    Thanks for the replies ! but do you guys have any idea of how well they prep their students for the real world? work experience and so on.
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    Hi, I'm not at either of the uni's but I know someone who is in their 3rd year at Coventry doing a science degree. (I know it's different to graphic design but hopefully this helps)
    She says that she really doesn't like it when people downgrade Coventry Uni because in actual fact, she thinks the teaching is good and they helped her a lot in terms of preparation for exams, work exp. etc.

    They helped her find a placement, and the company she did the experience at, have now offered her a job at the end of her degree and she is also basing her final project on them too.

    I went to visit her once, Coventry isn't as dull as everyone makes out and they have a brand new sparkling student union building which is pretty awesome!

    I know a few people at Trent but they only really went there because of the nightlife, so I can't help you on Trent's 'attributes' really.

    Hope I helped anyway
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    Nottinghams better, Coventry's safer
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    I have the same problem as you do. I have offers from both uni's on marketing and I have to choose between them. I watched some youtube videos and I'm thinking to go for Coventry since it's a lot more cheaper than Nott.


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