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Help me choose a party dress!

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    I'm buying a dress for my best friend's birthday dinner party next week but can't decide what to get out of these 3, options are as follows (im petite and hourglass shaped btw, looking for a dress to wear with heels). Sorry about the small images if you click on them they'll appear properly:


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Name:	53063195_large.jpg 
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Name:	01000052_large.jpg 
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    Opinions please?
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    2. Looks more... sleek? than the others
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    (Original post by Starfruit)
    2. Looks more... sleek? than the others
    Thanks! Should have mentioned that the top dress comes in a 6 whereas the others are both size 8s though so not sure if it would fit better
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    hmm i dont like one shoulders, so imma go with 3.
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    Not sure if it's because the image appears larger on my screen but I do like the look of 3!
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    3 looks good
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    2 or 3, I'm voting 2 but go either way
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    I am definitely going to go with 3 Where is it from? I want it :drool:
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    3 looks pretty good
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    (Original post by HollyB_C)
    I am definitely going to go with 3 Where is it from? I want it :drool:
    thankyou, its actually from h & m
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    any more views? Was actually kind of liking dress 1 b/c it's a size 6 but it doesnt seem to be all that popular...
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    I'm not particularly keen on any of them but number 1 is the best in my opinion!!
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    3 is the best. Take my word for it.
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    I say 3 too.
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    3 looks more classy if you're going to a dinner party, the other two are more of night out dresses in my personal opinion, though I maybe wrong.
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    I like 1 and 3 not really a fan of the one shoulder thing ... Also if 1 is the only one in your size surely it'll look much better from fitting better.
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    I think it depends on your body shape. Most flattering is no. 3.

    But they are all pretty!
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    Youve picked three really nice ones! 1 Looks like it will flatter your shape really well, but I think my fave is no3. They'll probably all look great though .
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    Dress 3.
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    i really like 1 !
    wheres that from?


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