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If you could pick your funeral song...

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    I've always wanted River Man by Nick Drake. Such a perfect song, plus it reminds me a lot of my childhood as my Dad used to play it to me on the guitar.

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    Well My Dad wants "Sweet about Me" By Gabrella Chilmi

    I'd have Life Is A Highway, either by Rascal Flatts or Tom Chocrane
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    Of course, that isn't to everyone's tastes.
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    (Original post by ConnorB)
    Well My Dad wants "Sweet about Me" By Gabrella Chilmi

    I'd have Life Is A Highway, either by Rascal Flatts or Tom Chocrane
    I'd be laughing my head off at a funeral if I heard "Sweet About Me", and probably singing along too :') It'd be awkward for everyone else of course, but screw 'em.

    Anyway, I'd choose This Is Not The End by Clare Maguire. It's beautiful, it's by an artist I love, and it's got some excellent lines in it that are very funeral-like. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it.

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    One of my own compositions; probably this.
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    I would say something by Radiohead, but that would probably just depress people more.

    Mr Blue Sky by ELO or In My Life by The Beatles.
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    tupac - hit em up
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    Do I even have to think about it?

    Highway to Hell.
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    if i die young
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    I want to be cremated and have Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire playing

    Nah only joking, something by Sufjan Stevens, probably from the seven swans album, though maybe this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RmbM...feature=relmfu
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    Return to Sender
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    If i die young! I was surprised that one only person said it!
    Such a sweet song!
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    Peter Abalard's O Quanta Qualia
    Dream by Priscilla Ahn
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    Whilst being cremated:

    After the event:

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    Feeling good- Muse version of course
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    I Bet someone has already mentioned this, but it would definitely be either Stairway to heaven or Another one bites the dust (just so my family and friends can have a good time) because Led Zeppelin and Queen are amongst my top 3 artists (the second being Nirvana) so either this or this

    edit: if i die young, i might pick or
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    The Countdown theme tune
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    Alive by Pearl Jam

    Because if people aren't confused at my funeral then I'll be sorely disappointed.
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    I've been to four funerals, and not one of them had any music. Honestly I can't imagine any music being played for mine either.

    If I DID have anything played at my funeral though, I won't be around to hear it, so I don't imagine it would really make a difference. Something my kids and/or husband picks out will do - after all, a funeral is more for the benefit of the people we leave behind.

    That being said, if I were to benefit at all from a funeral, which I doubt I would, then the theme music from Dragonheart is very beautiful and appropriate :

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    'Burn Baby Burn'


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