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Poll: Do you have dinner at the table with your family, or in front of the TV?

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  • View Poll Results: Where do you eat dinner?
    In front of the TV (with family)
    In front of the TV (without family)
    At the dinner table
    It varies

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    i climb out of the bedroom window onto the flat roof before and eat there
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    Watching TV shows in front of my laptop.
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    Last time we had a family meal was when I was like 8. I eat in front of my laptop or sometimes on my own at the table while thinking about my future and how much I'll owe after uni. Forever a loan.
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    I'm still at home, but we have meals around the dinner table whenever most of us are home...
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    It varies for me, sunday dinners and most weekday meals we eat up the table together (sometimes my brothers are out so theyre absent and visa versa) but sometimes with like chipshop and the like we eat infront of the tv with trays but its more so the table
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    we all eat at a dinner table but theres a tv in the room too sooooo ...
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    Pretty much always at the table with my family- only time I wont is if I'm not hungry and decide to eat it later.
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    Same, always at the table, but always with the tv on too. Covers up the awkward chewing/ saliva sounds!
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    we usually eat around the dinner table on sundays and a couple of times during the week. On the others days i'll eat in front of the tv / computer.
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    Always at the table, no TV. Sundays having my gran over.

    I find families that eat in front of the TV sad, you have a great time when you are all together to discuss your day, things coming up, little achievements, etc, but instead you would all prefer to see who is going to win the Xfactor. People wonder why family life is deteriorating, then don't spend time together when they have the chance, sitting with your family is so boring you need a flickering screen to keep yourself awake.
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    At the table, with the news on.
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    At the table with family. With the tv on.
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    When I lived with my parents I ate on my own in front of the computer. We all ate at different times due to work...and we didn't even have a table big enough for us all to sit around so it would've been a bit squashed. Now I live with my boyfriend, we don't have a table at all - we eat at my desk while watching something on the computer. The only time I sit at a table to eat is if I go to my dad's for Sunday dinner. Or a restaurant, obviously!
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    Both? We have a TV in our kitchen
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    Always on the table on a Sunday and the rest of the week it depends on what we're having/if everyone's having the same or if we're having different dinners.
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    For every night we eat in front of the TV we have about 90 at the dinner table
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    at the dinner table
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    at the dinner table nearly every night.
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    I eat my dinner with my family, at the dinner table, on top of the TV. :smug:


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Updated: April 15, 2012
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