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Your Most Peculiar Injuries

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    I would like to read some accounts of peculiar injuries (doesn't have to be self inflicted) and can range from a graze to a coma.

    The following two just about tie in terms of peculiarity/stupidity for me

    1. I was catapulted from a tennis net

    Back in school, a couple of friends and I discovered that by sitting on the pliant wire of a tennis net and getting two people to push down on the wire before sharply pulling it up again, there was some fun to be had. My turn came so I sat on the net in the middle whilst my two rather muscularly endowed friends, from either side, pushed the net to the point where it was nearly touching the floor. They quickly pulled the net upwards sending me soaring into the air only to be brought literally crashing down to earth shortly afterwards. I blacked out and broke my wrist.

    2. I scissor-kicked a punch bag

    I have never derived enjoyment from congregating around those quite absurd punch-bag devices that have been rather ill-advisedly introduced to pubs and bars in recent years. In an attempt to be a little ironic I decided one time to put some money in and shape up to punch it only to perform a flying scissor kick on the punchbag. Again, I came crashing down to earth and literally split my side on the metal base of the device. I ended up getting some stitches in hospital and was so embarrassed that my cover story to the nurse was; "I fell and impaled myself on a metal fence when having a snowball fight'"
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    Nothing that major. I suppose I literally fell both on and off a ski lift once. I wasn't expecting the seat to be there so quickly at the start, and when we reached the top of the mountain, I moved and slipped off from the seat. Fell a few metres onto my face, but I somehow really only injured my pride.

    After checking to see whether I was alive, my friends naturally found it hillarious. The French tourists didn't (they closed the lift for me).
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    Sometimes I sleep walk and one morning my alarm went off so i bent down to switch it off. A few moments later i was the other side of the room lying on the floor and i woke up feeling dazed. My dad came rushing in asking ''what was the massive bang'' (i hadnt heard a bang!)

    As it turned out i must have been sleep walking, fallen over and i ended up going to hospital because id split my eye open!

    Oh and i was once playing dodgeball outside with some friends and fell over and split open my elbow and got a stone in my hand, which to this day still never came out lol (it was about 12 years ago) haha
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    I got a bead stuck in my ear, and then in my nose two years later. I also got burned after falling down a tiny gap behind a huge pile of crash mats onto a radiator, and being stuck there for 20 minutes.
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    In Austria, Skiing. There was this speedgate thing, that you would ski past and it would show you your speed. The average was around 60kmp/h. This was like the 5th time I went down it already, and about 2/3 down (when it took your speed) and I noticed my right ski had little itty bitty bits of snow on the top (this happens all the time when skiing). Me and my OCD decided to lift that ski up so there wouldn't be any snow on top of my ski.

    That meant for a about a second I was skiing on one leg at 60kmp/h. What the hell was I thinking.

    Fell over, slammed into a fence and had nosebleeds for the next week.

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    I got a small but ugly bruise and several puncture wounds from a rabbit. Yes, I WAS INJURED BY A ****ING RABBIT!

    I must have weak skin :dontknow:
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    I ran into a bookcase when I was 6 :cool:

    ......................then again was I was 7. Same bookcase as well.
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    A cactus fell off my windowsill and I tried to catch it. Ended up with lots of teeny tiny cactus splinters in my hand
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    I was biking along the pavement once and all of a sudden my left pedal just fell off! As a result, my weight all dropped to my left and I went absolutely flying into a wall. My whole left arm was covered in blood and my leg started to bruise instantly! I then had to limp home, which was 20 minutes away, pushing my bike with a broken pedal in my hand and covered in blood.

    I must have walked past about 20 people on the way home and only one person stopped to ask if I was OK and one woman even walked past me just after the incident had happened and didn't even acknowledge me. :lolwut: :sad:

    Since then, I have a severe dislike of bikes and people.
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    My primary school was in a very rural area, it was made up of two very small buildings - one for P4 upwards, one for P1-3. My class was made up of primary sixes and sevens, every Monday morning our class teacher would go to the infant school with the P7s. The P7s were then taught German by the primary one teacher, whilst our class teacher took the P1s for PE in the public hall (the school had no PE hall and so hired out the public one across the road!) . There were only 5 of us primary sixes in the class, and we were often enlisted to help with the PE lessons, doing basic things like getting the kids shoes tied etc, nothing exciting.

    After an hour or so, the P1s were taken back across the road to their class. The P7s would then walk to the public hall and we'd have a PE lesson. During this switch over, we P6s were generally dragged back too. On one occassion however we begged the teacher to let us stay in the hall and get changed ourselves. She eventually agreed and walked out, leaving us behind for about twenty minutes.

    The public hall's a spectacularly old building, built in the 1800s with very slippery wooden flooring. It was essentially a huge rectangular room, with the front door at the top, two doors for a bathroom on the left hand side and a small stage with two rooms behind the stage. There were no standing structures and it could get slippy during PE, we had to wear rubber soled shoes at all times lest w'd just slide. This hall was a better alternative to the church hall round the corner, which was even older, and had a floor basically made of wooden slats. It had nails poking through, no changing rooms or toilets and if you sat on the floor you got splinters in your bum.. Anyway, the hall (the public one) was polished generally once a fortnight with bees wax which didn't help. We thought we'd play at skating rinks and took our gymmies off, sliding on the floor in socks. I can vividly remember the speed we were able to reach, it was amazing fun. We were able to balance by grabbing the walls or the stage if need be.

    I decided (nutter, I have dyspraxia and so shouldn't decide anything when it comes to physical activity) to slide down the middle, from the front door to the stage. I was running and then slid, I lost my balance and my legs went 180 degrees, I landed in the splits position. Classmates *panicked* - we knew that if we admitted I had hurt myself, we'd never be allowed alone again. So we kept quiet, I didn't say anything. However - if you've ever attempted the split you'll know how sore it is if you aren't used to it. So sore in fact that it's very difficult to do without having trained your hip joints and muscles first. So imagine the pain I was in after my legs being forced into this position, and landing flat on my ninny - the tears that soon followed meant we were never allowed in the hall alone again, especially after the teacher realised I was unable to walk or sit properly!

    Ten years on though and my legs are wonderfully flexible so maybe I should be quite thankful..
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    Flew over the handles of my bike after hitting a speed bump. Not that bad in itself but I was going at a considerable speed and took a very very large ice-cream-scoop sized piece of flesh out of it.

    Alternatively, my ear nearly fell off after I was on one of those push-along scooters (you know the ones I mean, right?), one of the wheels got caught in a drain, and I fell off onto a piece of corrugated iron which happened to run right down the crease where my ear meets my head. Hurt like a ***** getting it sewn back.
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    (Original post by juliewho)
    A cactus fell off my windowsill and I tried to catch it. Ended up with lots of teeny tiny cactus splinters in my hand
    That's good. I like that one.

    You silly thing.
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    I once sneezed and experienced the most intense pain ever in my neck, words cannot and do not suffice. I went to the doctors convinced I had burst a blood vessel.

    I had pulled a muscle -.-
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    It's normal for me to pull muscles in my right should getting dressed, running or sleeping.
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    (Original post by Pandabär)
    Nothing that major. I suppose I literally fell both on and off a ski lift once. I wasn't expecting the seat to be there so quickly at the start, and when we reached the top of the mountain, I moved and slipped off from the seat. Fell a few metres onto my face, but I somehow really only injured my pride.

    After checking to see whether I was alive, my friends naturally found it hillarious. The French tourists didn't (they closed the lift for me).
    I've done something very similar! I got to the top, tried to get up and my 'friend' used me as leverage to get up, so I ended up stuck and started to go back round. So instead of staying calm and waiting for the attendants to stop the lift so I could get off, I threw myself off into the snow.
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    When I was 6 I went down a slide in Spain. What I didn't know was that the bottom of the slide was covered in sand, and managed to scrape all the skin from the back of my leg.

    I've still got the scar 14 years later.
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    My garden is tiered, and putting out the washing one day, I forgot that the washing line spun round and so kept walking round until I fell off the tier and scraped the skin off my shin -.-i've still got lines down my shin :s and now understand why we had a spinning washing line :P
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    My mum got a cotton bud stuck in her ear and had to go to hospital to get it removed.

    I got my head stuck through the banisters (eventually managed to get it out without any damage).

    Not self-inflicted but we were playing 'it' in PE and I collided with a girl and her tooth hit my eyebrow and I had to get surgical glue over it. Got permanent missing hair there now

    The list goes on...
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    Got two that stick in my mind and I cannot even remember the first happening, have to go on my parents stories of it. When I was around three/four I was running around crazily and ran head first into a bath, knocked myself unconcious and had to be taken to A&E.

    The second one happened on a school trip to France and Italy in June last year. We were on a camping site and the staff taught us all a game called Ninja. We were all playing the game - it's basically a fast-reaction game, you need to watch for people hitting your hands and if they hit your hand you're out. We were about half way through a game and my hand was down by my knee. Someone wanted me out so instead of just jumping next to me to get my hand they decided to jump through me to get my hand. This resulted in my knee buckling and when I got it checked out by a doctor it turned out my friend had dislocated my knee and snapped tendons in my leg.
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    (Original post by Alexandra's Box)
    I got a small but ugly bruise and several puncture wounds from a rabbit. Yes, I WAS INJURED BY A ****ING RABBIT!

    I must have weak skin :dontknow:
    Not necessarily! A friend of mine breeds and shows rabbits and has scars from her Poles, they're a particularly vicious breed...

    As for my weird injuries, I was playing tag with friends in the street one night (it was a quiet road) and got knocked over, cutting the back of my head open. I still have stones in the back of my head from it as I didn't bother going to hospital.

    Another time I was climbing out of a boat on it's trailer and had my arms full of stuff that we were taking out of the boat. I was wearing flip flops that were wet and my foot slipped off the part of the trailer it was on and I landed with my calf in the gear of the trailer that you use to haul the boat up the slip. I couldn't walk for a week (and I was on holiday too ) and I still have the scars.

    My personal favourite comes from sheer stupidity though - I managed to tear the ligaments across the front of my shoulder due to a combination of: a solid wooden mast falling on it, swimming the following night and then being dragged along by a car having not shut the door quickly enough and finally getting a softball hitting it the next morning in PE. In hindsight I probably should have just rested it after the mast...


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