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Welbeck OASC

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    Hey guys,
    I've passed my RAF filter interview and have been confirmed for OASC with regards to applying to the DSFC Welbeck. I am posting to ask if anyone has any tips or knowledge on the OASC for Welbeck - do Welbeck applicants go through the same OASC selection process as everyone else, or are there changes to the selection process because of our age, ect.

    I have been able to find a lot of information on TSR for normal OASC; however, the forums seems to be lacking in this area with many other Welbeck applicants asking the same questions. :L. If anyone could provide me and the others with some help in this matter, we would all be very grateful.


    hey, high five! I've got my OASC for welbeck (RAF) in july.
    Erm, I've looked around; it looks like we don't do a treadmill run, but a bleep test. Not sure if you're aware of that... Otherwise, everything else is the same, I think...

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    haha, high five indeed, Chi! XD. So as far as you are aware, the OASC we go through is the same as the standard OASC with a few changes to physical fitness tests. Apparently in the past there have also been swimming assessments that you have to complete (with cover-alls on you swim 4 lengths, tread water for 2 mins and have to get out the pool un-aided). It's so annoying how little information is available!! I'm not sure what's still currently true and what has been phased out over the years!

    anyhow, thanks!

    Oh and btw best of luck with your OASC, if it's in July we may be on the same OASC course :P

    I haven't heard about this swimming test; i'm pretty sure they took it out, otherwise it'd have said on the website. However, if I'm right, the swim test is labelled the "aircrew swim test" so take from that what you will. I've done it before, it's a breeze, so if you've done it, you'll know it's easily manageable; the issue is getting OUT of the pool xD
    good luck to you too! How many July dates were you given? 4?


    Fitness wise, it is the bleep test... When I did it you had too get for 9.2 for males, I believe it was something like 6.4 for females. Press ups/Situps wise you have a minute each, don't get fooled by the ones on the DSFC website. Can't remember what you had to get for them but I believe it was about 20 pressups and 32 situps. I didn't do a swim test.

    First of all, be yourself. Whilst the Officers are quite friendly, they are constantly observing you and the real you will most likely come out during the last few days.

    Second of all, enjoy it. Whilst the idea of it is quite daunting, it is actually pretty fun - especially the leadership and leaderless exercises in the hangar. If you remain positive through out it will give a good impression. Also, try to appear sociable in the free time that you get in the evenings. The barman was sound.

    Third of all, don't lie. I believe there was someone on my board who wrote something down on their CV-thing that you get given in a few weeks time that wasn't true and the officers questionned them about it in the interview and the person cracked.

    The whole selection process is really just to test you in ways that you've never really been tested before. You can't necessarily prepare for the aptitude tests, but it won't hurt to possibly look around for book in a library somewhere or online. Leading up to board, I practiced my Speed Distance Time calculations quite a bit - Couldn't do any harm...

    Interview, wow. Not my favourite part of the week but that's simply because I get pretty nervous under that type of pressure but hey I still passed. I've had a quick look but have been unsuccessful, somewhere on these forums theres a topic with about 140 odd questions that the interviewers are likely too ask you and they were spot on. Scenario wise, yes there is a camera in the room but you've just got to ignore it. You have two officers in the room who ask a variety of questions on different topics, off the top of my head they are Personal and Family, Activities/Interests, Motivation, Branch, Service Knowledge, NATO and Current Affairs. I would describe them in a bit more detail but I'm overburdened with work at the moment so I need to start finishing this post up.

    You must prepare for your interview Period. Someone asked me five minutes before their interview what IOT was... Not a good move, I know the whole process of IOT week by week.

    You need to convince the officers you know what you're signing up to and you're dedicated. Welbeck is merely a stepping stone in my eyes. I've been here 7 months and I'm already over 1/3 of my way through Welbeck.

    If you want me to go into detail then send me a message on here. You can send me a PM as well.

    In a bit,
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    Chi, sorry for the late reply. No. I have only been given 1 date (probably due to me only being available at certain dates). I have phones up Welbeck DFSC and have been told that it would be a treadmill run, but then when i received my briefing through the post they said it would be a bleep test!!

    Blythee,thank you so much for your help. It really clears things up. At the moment I have got exams coming up which I am revising for so I have not as of yet done any preparation for the OASC. How much time would you say is required to fully prepare yourself for the 4 days OASC?


    Treadmill or bleep test, it doesn't matter... you're going to be running one way or another. You will most likely do a bleep test at OASC as they get you do to it all at once.

    They will understand that you've had you're exams but they will still expect you to know what you're signing up too, what motivates you to join the RAF and this particular branch, have a decent amount of background knowledge on the RAF and what training you will be going through. If you're really stuck on what to prepare you could always talk to your AFCO; if I'm correct you should have already been to a introduction presentation telling you what the RAF expect.

    It all comes down too how much effort you are willing to put in and how much you want this...


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